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A revolutionary NFT gaming platform filled with adventures through a 2D metaverse, bringing play-to-earn mechanics and socialization all in one place.

Introducing Bit Hotel 

Bit Hotel is a new upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) play-to-earn (P2E) game aiming to redefine the blockchain gaming industry on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bit Hotel is an online social NFT game which utilizes Bit Hotel Coin as its in-game currency. Players compete to collect NFT land, items and characters to earn income and display them in their rooms or mini-games. 

Each room and common room functions as a chat room where users can hang out, chat (voice and text) or trade with other players. Players can also battle in mini-games to earn token rewards and redeem them for in-game assets.

Features of the Bit Hotel Ecosystem

Bit Hotel offers both P2E and social features in its GameFi metaverse. A major component of its social feature is users’ ability to chat, meet and compete with other Hotel Guests within the game. In addition, they can also purchase different NFT hotel rooms on different hotel floors, providing a unique NFT gaming simulation on BSC. With this in mind, there are many core features for users to explore on the BitHotel ecosystem: 

Play To Earn Mechanics

Players can earn in-game items and currency by completing multiplayer mini-games and challenges. In-game items will also have different levels of scarcity and will be freely tradable through an in-game market system. 


There is the possibility to stake tokens within the game. For instance, a player could invest in a bar by staking the tokens and receiving rewards in return. 


Bit Hotel will implement a marketplace where players and investors can buy and sell NFTs. The NFT consists of different digital items like characters, chambers, furniture, etc. In essence, players will have the license to acquire new NFTs and place bids, put up asking prices, trade, filter results, and much more. 

Browser and Mobile Compatibility 

Bit Hotel is playable on any device based on the user’s preference. Thus, users can compete and interact with their friends on any device, whether mobile or desktop, anywhere in the world. 


Players can meet their friends in the Hotel Lobby and chat or play mini-games to earn rewards. Instead of players staying in their rooms, they can socialize with their friends by inviting them. They can also use the opportunity to showcase their NFT furniture. 

Bit Hotel will consist of general and private rooms where players can interact through text-based communications. 


To spice up the gaming experience for Bit Hotel players, Hotel guests will be able to proclaim in-game relationships. Being in a relationship will have perks and provide unique rewards to players. 


There are numerous events for users on the Bit Hotel metaverse. Players will have no reason to be bored from meeting new people to earning limited edition NFTs and deciding on new in-game features. Players will also host their events inside their rooms and invite players of their linking. 


Bit Hotel will consist of a scoreboard with different types of tournaments. The scoreboard will show the top 20 players in terms of wins in different mini-games. In addition, every week/month, the top 5 players will be rewarded with rare NFTs. 


On Bit Hotel, players can gain voting rights to choose which events, mini-games, and rewards players will encounter in the future. The decentralized voting model for future content will be based on staking allocations and in-game achievements. 

Monthly NFT Drops

The Bit Hotel universe is an ecosystem where every NFT is 100% usable. The characters are playable, the rooms (land) is interactable, and the furniture is placeable. A new set of NFTs will be launched every month, building up to the game’s launch. However, there will be a whitelisting process to build momentum and anticipation before every NFT launch. The first series of Bit Hotel NFTs just launched and can be purchased here.

Bit Hotel Partners with Seedify 

Bit Hotel has struck a partnership agreement with Seedify to launch a public Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on December 22nd. The NFT GameFi project announced the partnership on December 1st via Twitter. Seedify is a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad. 

“We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Seedify. Having launched some of the most incredible projects in space, @SeedifyFund has an unmatched record in launching blockchain gaming projects. This partnership is destined for success!” Bit Hotel tweeted

Bit Hotel will launch a private sale on December 21st before holding its IGO on Seedify Launchpad on December 22nd. The Seedify IGO price is $0.017.


8 Launchpad Roadshow 

The partnership with Seedify is Bit Hotel’s latest Launchpad in their “8 Launchpad Roadshow,” featuring Trustpad, Ferrum, Gamestarter, Enjinstarter, Lithium, True PNL, and SuperLauncher. 


Bit Hotel provides both P2E and social aspects to gaming. With this unique attribute, the NFT GameFi project is in the right direction as it aims to redefine the blockchain gaming industry. 

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