Weekly Recap | Week 27 on NEAR

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Data on-chain 

Daily Transaction


Last week, the Daily Transaction on NEAR fluctuated relatively stable. It is possible that the price in the crypto market is generally not strongly volatile, and there is no special news in the NEAR ecosystem.

Daily Active Account & Newly Created Account 

The number of active accounts fluctuates around 4000 – 5000, relatively stable. This shows that investors’ confidence is shaken, but they accept to stay then.

The number of new accounts can be divided into 2 drops. The first drop started from 6/7 to 9/7, the number of new accounts dropped from over 2000 to over 500. Then suddenly pumped back to the beginning of the week before continuing to drop around 1000. In general, we are seeing a cautiousness of investors and users; the number of new accounts dropped suddenly in the context of the price of NEAR being on a short-term downward trend.

Daily Number of Active and New Contracts

The Daily Number of Active Contracts was almost unchanged in the week, increasing insignificantly by about 2%. Overall, it’s been a pretty peaceful week for NEAR.

Experiencing slight fluctuations, at the end of the week, the Number of New Contracts increased by more than 89%, reaching the point of 36 compared to the point of 19 in 2021-07-06.

NEAR Performance 

(Source: CryptoStation, Tradingview.com)

The $2.2 zone is solid support for NEAR, and it is moving towards the $2.6 and $3.6 zones this July. If it loses the zone with $2.2, it will be predicted to get back to the $1.8 zone. 

Looking at it more broadly, over the past two weeks, NEAR has been the only one to grow among the top cryptocurrencies and other platform tokens. It also partly shows investors’ confidence in the project itself

Panorama of the ecosystem

Comparing top 1 Dapp between ecosystem in last 7 days 

Last week, we could see that NEAR’s Ref Finance is outperforming Dapps in other ecosystems. The number of users increased by more than 80%, far ahead of other competitors in terms of speed. This could be a positive sign for the future.

Near ecosystem on creator economy triangle 

NEAR Protocol‘s CEO Erik Trautman showed how the virtuous circle of NFTs, DAOs, and Open finance “DeFi” will unlock the new creator economy. Take a brief of blog below: 

NFTs are basically digital containers that can hold IP but liberated it to be owned and traded, so creators have a world of new ways to produce, distribute, remix and monetize content.

DAOs are basically like shared bank accounts for entirely digital communities, so it’s elementary for communities to act almost like official co-ops or companies and build sustainable models for themselves. 

Open (“decentralized”) Finance is a whole toolkit that allows creators, communities, NFTs, DAOs, fungible tokens, and all the other pieces of the digital economy to plug into each other in ways that no one has ever done before, allowing entirely new ways of earning income for creators or benefitting from the upside of membership for community members.

You can read all of them here How blockchain will save the Creator Economy 

Important Updated 

The $REF token is officially live

Ref Finance combines several core components: decentralized exchanges, lending, synthetic asset issuers, and more — into a single, synchronized DeFi application.

The ref will take full advantage of NEAR’s low fees ($0.005 per swap), one- to two-second final times, and WebAssembly-based runtimes to compete even with the cost and speed of other CEX exchanges and become a powerful addition to the increasingly diverse multi-chain DeFi ecosystem.

You can read details at Ref Finance and $REF. Ref.finance is the first major DeFi… | by Ref Finance | Jul, 2021 

Proposal: $REF Auction on Skyward 

Ref Finance shared their $REF Auction on Skyward Finance, it makes people so excited to wait for the official distribution. You can read details at Proposal: $REF Auction on Skyward 

Skyward Finance raised over 1,2 M $NEAR

The first sale of Skyward Finance was a huge success. Skyward Finance is a fully permissionless open-sourced launchpad that allows projects to launch their tokens without any liquidity with the best price discovery mechanism that’s resistant to bots and Sybil attacks.

NEAR Protocol gets Listed on KuCoin

NEAR Protocol just got listed on Kucoin Exchange

Deposit: Now on Kucoin Mainnet

Trading: 10:00 on July 9 UTC

Withdrawal: 10:00 on July 10 UTC

You can see the timeline history of NEAR Protocol token listed on exchange here:

NEAR Protocol x KuCoin giveaway campaign with $40,000 in the NEAR prize pool

To celebrate NEAR Protocol being listed on Kucoin, there will be $40,000 in $NEAR reward pool to giveaway for qualified KuCoin users. The campaign ended on July 16. 

HEO.Finance Roadmap Announcement

The timeline of the deployment to mainnets and of the TGE may be subject to change.

Octopus Guild Goes Live

Octopus Guild is a community of developers, enthusiasts, appchains, and appchain candidates within the Octopus Network crypto networks.

Establishing NEAR Wiki

Proposal to start a NEAR Wiki to capture everything from “why near,” basics about technical to community and guild structure. NEAR wiki is where a person can learn from basics about NEAR, its mission, and vision; learn strengths of the protocol and see how it compares to other potentially familiar chains; learn about ecosystem (guilds). You can read more detail Establishing NEAR Wiki – Ecosystem 

NEAR AMA With Taraxa Project

Last Thursday, NEAR and Taxara organized an AMA. In this session,  CEO and CTO from Taxara chat with NEAR’s Developer Relations Director Matt Lockyer about some of the hottest topics in today’s blockchain ecosystem: Building successful Layer-1 ecosystems, Leveraging blockchain technology for non-financial applications & use cases.

Mintbase integrates with 3xr virtual world

Mintbase will integrate with the VR world of 3xr.space. This feature is available for all projects on NEAR Protocol & enabled by Mintbase, like DAO records music NFTs gallery below.

Graffbase launches at CAWA on July 10th

Graffbase is working with Graffiti crew STC & Crypto Art Week Asia for the official launch party in Cryptovoxels on 10 July with Mintbase & DAO Records supports.

Textile is Building Filecoin storage bridge on NEAR testnet

Textileio is building Filecoin storage bridge to leverage decentralized storage from blockchains including NEAR Protocol, Ethereum, Polygon, and others. You can read more detail Textile unveils plans to bring native Filecoin storage to NEAR, ETH, Polygon, and others

This is how it works






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