Weekly Recap | Week 27 On Binance Smart Chain


Weekly Recap Series of Cryptodaily.io will be updated weekly with all the information readers need on Binance Smart Chain: On-chain data analysis, weekly winner, project of the week, updated from projects, partnership, etc.

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We believe this series by deep-dive and synthesizing will give you an overview of BSC every week. 

Our Weekly Recap Series will consist of 4 main parts as follows

Data on-chain: Update and analyze data located on the blockchain such as Daily transactions, Unique addresses, Gas price, etc

Panorama of the ecosystem: Analysis of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem last week

Important updated 

News partnership


 BEP-20 Tokens By Holder

As you can see Safemoon has the most number of holders, 3 times higher than second place (Busd). The positions behind are USDT, PEG, WBNB, and Cake

Token Transfers

There has been a significant change in the past week. Not to mention stablecoin tokens, My Defi Pet is at the top in all 3 rankings. From the data of the past week, It’s safe to say that the current trend might be NFT play to earn.

Unique addresses

Back in January 2021, BSC only had 651.040 Unique addresses. Today BSC had 83,828,409 has increased 128 times compared to the beginning of this year. Compared to other chains, BSC is currently in the top 1 in terms of quantity and growth rate

BNB performance 

Source: Tradingview

-BNB has fallen nearly 7% the last week

-Price has rejected off major resistance zone of $329

-200 MA continues to act as a barrier

While looking at the Stochastic RSI, we can see bears have control as strength is sitting in the oversold territory below 20. Strength must break above 20 to save BNB from further downside. The regular RSI shows indecision as it is playing around the 50 value. If the RSI can hold this mark, BNB will likely have another try at its major resistance zone.

Panorama Of The Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

DeFi on BSC:

BSC’s Total Value Lock 

BSC’s total Total Value Lock is down $1B from last week, possibly due to the recent BTC drop dragging down the entire market but
May alone accounted for over half the volume in the quarter, which unsurprisingly also marked the local top of the market.

Some projects have had impressive growth in the past week

Decentralized Exchanges

Since May, DEX volumes have halved, with June volumes falling to $95 billion. Still, despite the decrease, the month was still the third-highest all-time.

Zooming in on how the competitive landscape evolved throughout the quarter we see a pretty dramatic shift in PancakeSwap’s standing. While for a brief moment in April the breakfast-themed DEX flipped Uniswap in volumes, since then its market share has plummeted due to the rise of Uniswap V3 and the fizzling out of the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem following the May crash. By the end of the quarter, Uniswap reached a 54% share of weekly volume, its highest level since November 2020.

Some of BSC’s DEXs like Wault, Ape have risen to the top 20. 

The Transaction Volume

Mdex surpassed PancakeSwap and went to 1st place in transaction volume and Dodo witnessed a dramatical gain wit

 h 407.14%, stayed at 7th place.

Important Updated 

 BinanceSmartChain has grown almost 2,000% in the last six months reaching more than 394,000 daily unique active wallets

Coin98 and Kalata featured on Binance project spotlight and 

Meet top 20 finalists for MVB II: Phase Two

Top 10 best projects which each will receive:

$10,000 grant for each project

Security QuickScan from Certik

Sponsorship for full security audit

Exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts

PancakeSwap Lottery V2 is back 

To kick things off, there’s a massive >$5 Million in prizes waiting to be injected over the first week of the new lottery!

LaunchZone announces their new roadmap update and many other important events 

Autofarm’s first governance proposal will be going live on 8th July 2021 at 10am UTC


Binance Smart Chain team up with Immunefi to bolster the security of the #BSC ecosystem and help projects build a safer environment for their users

BinanceChain launching future mystery box drops on the occasion of the 4th birthday

 Alpaca Finance partnership with Tusd. $20M Capital Infusion Into Alpaca and New Lending and #yieldfarming Pools!


In many cases, BSC saw activity decrease in the second half of the quarter as speculation in markets died down. But this past week we all witnessed an explosion of new trends NFT 

Play To Earn 

Following the success of Axie Infinity, NFT game projects at BSC all have outstanding growth 200%+ such as FaraLand, CryptoBlades, My Defi Pet v.v.. 

Investors still have faith and do not leave the market. Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is still a fertile land and needs to be exploited





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