Weekly Article Recap: 9/26-9/30

A recap of notable news from the week.

DeFi News From Last Week

Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events of the week to help you stay up-to-date on all things DeFi.

Tiny World Game Continues to Grow Since Being Named BNB Chain “Star”

GameFi has become a heavily established arm of the cryptocurrency sector, creating significant competition between GameFi developers and projects. This can make it difficult for a project to stand out or gain public attention without a little help. Tiny World Game was named to BNB Chain’s July Project Stars list and has since turned in impressive numbers – we caught up with CMO Adam Bauldry to discuss this growth and the launch of their SPIRIT NFTs.

Read more about the recent success of the GameFi project here.

Duck vs. Bear: RichQuack Social Activity Battles General Crypto Downturn

RichQuack, a hyper-deflationary meme token based on BNB Chain, has long impressed many with its impressive social media presence. With success built off of constant giveaways and interaction with the community, RichQuack has spent a large portion of the last month sitting atop the social score rankings, according to data from LunarCrush. Despite this imposing presence on social media, the $QUACK token has trended in the opposite direction in a market filled with bearish sentiment.

Read more about the token’s social media and price trends here.

FTX Wins Bidding War Against Binance for Voyager Assets

The crash of Terra/LUNA had catastrophic consequences for the entire crypto market, with investment funds like 3AC, Celsius, and Voyager seeing their liabilities soar during the ensuing market spiral. This has led to some firms auctioning off their assets to cover losses, with Voyager making the headlines thanks to a bidding war between Binance and FTX. While it was reported that Binance was in a strong position to purchase the assets, FTX was able to place a $1.4B bid that bested all other offers to claim ownership.

Check out what the auction results mean for Voyager account holders here.

New Life in Luna Classic? CZ Announces Binance LUNC Burn Mechanism

Despite the news that South Korea had issued a “red notice” to Interpol regarding the search for and arrest of Luna Classic ($LUNC) founder Do Kwon, the revised version of the fallen $LUNA actually saw a spike in value recently – thanks to Binance. On September 23, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ for short) announced on Twitter that the exchange would support the 1.2% transaction burn fee by burning all trading commissions collected on $LUNC spot and margin pairs against $BUSD and $USDT. A scant 5 minutes later, the price of $LUNC had soared by 25%.

Read more about the exchange’s plans in this article.

What are the Top 5 NFT Marketplaces on BNB Chain

While not as known for NFTs as other chains, the NFT community on BNB Chain has been gaining more momentum in recent times. This has led to a variety of NFT marketplaces launching on the chain, with some seeing more success than others. BSC News did a little research into these marketplaces and concluded that these are the top 5 marketplaces on the chain in terms of trading volume:

Element Market


Radio Caca Market


BitKeep NFT Market

Check out this article to learn more about each marketplace.

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