Weekly Article Recap: 3/13-3/17

Weekly Article Recap: 3/13-3/17

Recapping the Week in DeFi

Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events of the week to help you stay up-to-date on all things DeFi.

Arbitrum’s Highly-Anticipated $ARB Token Airdrop: What to Expect?

At long last! Arbitrum announced the launch of its DAO governance and native token $ARB, with 12.57% of the token’s total supply reserved for the community. $ARB holders will have the opportunity to vote on decisions that pertain to the governance of both Arbitrum One and Nova networks.

Find out all the details including the eligibility criteria in this article.

Battle of the DEXes: Uniswap v3 Goes Live on BNB Chain

The Battle of the DEXes on BNB Chain is heating up, as the biggest decentralized exchange Uniswap finally went live on the network, following a favorable DAO vote earlier in February. 

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It’s Official: Wombat Exchange is Coming to Arbitrum

As Uniswap makes its way towards BNB Chain, BNB Chain-based emerging stableswap Wombat Exchange is instead broadening its horizons by venturing into the thriving Ethereum Laye-2 Arbritrum. Wombat Exchange had previously disclosed its ambitious cross-chain strategies in its 2023 roadmap. 

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Polygon Co-Founder Leaves to Independently Pursue Avail Blockchain

After 5 years with the Ethereum Layer-2 project Polygon, Co-Founder Anurag Arjun is stepping aside to lead the development of new modular blockchain Avail. 

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Vela Exchange Launches Beta Phase 3: What to Expect?

Early in the week, thriving decentralized exchange and perpetual trading platform Vela Exchange announced the launch of its Beta Phase 3, following the completion of Phase 2. Vela has outlined new milestones to achieve in the latest Beta Phase.

Get all the details here.

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