Weekly Article Recap: 2/6-2/10

A recap of notable news from the week.

Recapping the Week in DeFi

Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events of the week to help you stay up-to-date on all things DeFi.

Battle of the Dapps 5.0 Winds up with Venus as the New King of the Dapps

The latest edition of the exciting Battle of the Dapps wrapped up earlier in the week, with Venus claiming the title of King of the Dapps. The leading Money Market on BNB Chain left it late to emerge winners over strong competition in RealFevr and Cryptopolis in a grand finale that witnessed a consecutive sudden death round.

Learn how it all went down in this article.

The Ayes Have It: Uniswap V3 to Deploy on BNB Chain

Although its votes accounted for about half of the “Nays”, A16z’s size was not enough to thwart the approval of the proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 on BNB Chain. Now we can worry about the Battle of the DEXes on BNB Chain!

Find more details on the proposal and the emerging Battle of the DEXes here.

Core DAO Airdrop Goes Live, Staking Opens

The wait is over for Core enthusiasts! Core DAO finally rewarded its users by launching the highly anticipated airdrop on February 8. Users can now claim via the official Core DAO website using mobile or PC. Core staking is also available for users.

Get all the details here.

Trader Joe Integrates With LayerZero to Launch Omnichain JOE Token

The now “multichain” DEX has been dishing out a series of updates in recent weeks, with the latest being an integration with LayerZero Labs to launch the native token $JOE as an Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT). This integration allows $JOE to be bridged across multiple blockchains without “wrapping”.

Check out what it means in this article.

CZ Takes Cue From Vitalik, Binance Improves PoR With zk-SNARKs

With the goal of improving the transparency of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and ensuring the privacy of users, Binance has upgraded its Proof of Reserves (PoR) reporting by implementing zk-SNARKs.

Learn more about the implementation here.

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