Weekly Article Recap: 10/31-11/4

A recap of notable news from the week.

Recapping the Week in DeFi

Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events of the week to help you stay up-to-date on all things DeFi.

BNB Chain Kicks Off Europe Tour with Incubator Event in Lisbon

The first of seven events in BNB Chain’s Europe Incubator tour took place in Lisbon on November 3rd. A blend of larger projects like CoinMarketCap and Binance Labs joined up-and-comers like RealFevr and MasterBlox in the in-person event.

Read more about the festivities here.

Battle of the Dapps Concludes with SafePal Named King of the Dapps

The latest iteration of Battle of the Dapps has come to a close! This time around, wallet provider SafePal was able to best out ApeSwap and MicroPets to claim the crown.

Check out a full recap of the event here.

How to Get a Piece of Dogecoin Through New Binance Campaign

The biggest exchange is giving away the biggest memecoin. Binance is holding a “Learn & Stake” campaign where users can earn free $DOGE from November 2 through November 8.

Learn about how you can claim free $DOGE here.

CEXes vs DEXes: Regulatory Compliance

While similar in some ways, DEXes and CEXes differ in many key aspects. Both types of exchanges play crucial roles in the crypto ecosystem, and both have very different regulations they must abide by to operate.

Find out about their regulatory compliance here.

Report: Uniswap Not Immune to Massive Rugpulls

Uniswap is far from immune to rugpulls. A 2022 Catalan report indicated that a staggering 97%+ of micro-cap and memecoin projects rugpulled – don’t forget to DYOR!

Learn more about these rugpulls here.

Source : bsc.news

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