Weekly Analysis of Binance Ecosystem (Sept. 9-15)

We offer insights into BNB Chain performance and Binance ecosystem updates from the last week, including users, transactions, news and price movement.

BNB Chain Key Data Highlights

Here are some key metrics of BNB Chain’s performance between Sept. 9 and 15:

Weekly Active Users: Between Sept. 9-15, BNB Chain recorded 3.25 million active users. This was a 7% decline from the 3.50 million logged as Weekly Active Users (WAU) on the network in the previous week.

Weekly Transactions: In the period under review, 27.1 million transactions were completed by users of BNB Chain, amounting to an 18% growth from the 22.1 million transactions completed the week before.

Average Daily Transactions: Last week, average daily transactions on BNB Chain totaled 3.1 million. This represented a 2% drop in the average daily transactions count from the previous week.

Average Gas Fee: Transactions on BNB Chain between Sept. 9-15 cost an average gas fee of 0.00078 BNB. In the week before, this was 0.00077 BNB.

BNB Chain and Binance Ecosystem Update

In the last week, the Binance and BNB Chain ecosystem recorded a series of significant developments. These included the launch of a new Binance Options trading platform, partnering with Google Cloud, commencing the Binance Blockchain Week, integration of USD Coin (USDC) on Stellar Network, and more.

New Binance Options Trading Platform

In a Sept. 9 announcement, Binance confirmed the launch of the all-new Binance options trading platform made available to its users on the Binance Website and the Binance App. According to the blog post, the new options trading platform was launched to help users “optimize trading opportunities” as it offers benefits such as low fees and high liquidity, reduced capital requirement, and settlements in USDT stablecoin.

Partnership With Google Cloud

In an announcement on Sept. 14, BNB Chain confirmed that it had entered into a partnership with Google Cloud for the provision of cloud infrastructure for high-growth Web3 projects. According to BNB Chain, the essence of the partnership is to allow access for the over 1,300 decentralized applications (dApps) built on BNB Chain to foundational infrastructures needed to build “stable,” “reliable” and “valuable” products.

Binance Blockchain Week

In a three-day event hosted in Paris from Sept. 14-16, Binance hosted the Binance Blockchain Week. The conference featured industry experts across several fields who came to share their thoughts and insights on how the future of Web3 could be better shaped.

Integration of USD Coin (USDC) on Stellar Network

On Sept. 15, Binance announced the completion of the integration of USD Coin (USDC) on the Stellar network, enabling deposits and withdrawals of USDC on Stellar. This comes after the Sept. 5 announcement where the exchange confirmed the launch of BUSD Auto-Conversion.

BNB Coin Price Performance

According to CoinMarketCap, $BNB exchanged hands at $258.97 as of writing. In the past week, BNB coin logged a 12% price decline.

Source : bsc.news

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