Web3Auth Aims to ‘Eliminate’ Crypto Seed Phrases

Web3Auth allows users to access wallets and dApps with Google, Twitter and Discord accounts.

‘Passwordless Authentication for Web3’

BNB Chain‘s latest dApp All-Star, Web3Auth, provides solutions for mainstream crypto adoption through seamless onboarding to Web3. 

Web3Auth is a pluggable authentication infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications. As reported in the docs, using Web3Auth, you can easily set up Web3 wallets, and Decentralized Application (dApp) accounts with Google, Twitter, and Discord accounts. With its support for social logins, web and mobile native platforms, wallets, and other key management methods, Web3Auth creates a standard cryptographic key provider for users and applications. 

“Web3Auth brings passwordless authentication for Web3 apps and wallets into non-custodial key infrastructure,” Web3Auth Co-Founder Zhen Yu Young told BSC News. “With Web3Auth, you can combine OAuth (Google, Twitter, Discord) logins, different wallets, and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for a seamless login experience for every user on your application whether it is for Gaming or DeFi, or NFT.”


The crypto ecosystem loses millions of dollars due to forgotten seed phrases. Here’s what the co-founder shared about his inspiration for Web3Auth: 

“Seed phrases have contributed to the loss of roughly $150 billion in Bitcoin due to being forgotten, lost, or stolen. It was clear to us that this problem would prevent crypto from going mainstream. This led to the creation of Web3Auth to eliminate seed phrases for users.”

Web3Auth Features at a Glance

Below are the key features of Web3Auth:

Seamless Onboarding: Users’ experience and onboarding are greatly improved by the protocol’s social login flows, which are indistinguishable from Web2.0 login flows. In addition, a simplified onboarding process leads to a 64% increase in conversion rates.

Non-Custodial Public Key Infrastructure: A user always controls the cryptographic key pair they own and access. Users’ private keys cannot be retrieved by the provider independently since login services only have access to one share. Using Web3Auth, users manage their key pairs similarly to multi-factor accounts, using their OAuth login, devices, and other factors. Additionally, users can increase the threshold from 2/3 to a higher threshold to increase key security on their key. 

Easy Integration: For developers, Web3Auth Integration takes 15 minutes to set up. In addition, they can customize Web3Auth’s UI to blend directly into their application. 

Web and Native Mobile: Web3Auth works on both web and mobile applications with native and hybrid applications supported.

According to the protocol, Web3Auth is easy to use and requires only a couple of lines of code. For developers looking for an easy-to-understand guide on integrating Web3Auth, check out the comprehensive documentation


In view of the high number of transactions on the BNB Chain and the number of dApps built on it, Web3Auth views it as a potential opportunity to make crypto more mainstream. As part of its common vision of making crypto more accessible, the protocol is currently building Binance Extension Wallet’s default log-in solution. BSC News will keep a close eye on the developments on the BNB Chain dApp All-stars to keep you updated about the latest innovation on the BNB chain.

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What is BNB Chain:

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