WaultSwap Announces Reduced Emission In The Near Future To Improve WEX Value

The reduction in the emission rate of WEX is expected to enhance the long-term sustainability of the token’s value.


From a very modest beginning in early 2021 with a starting market capitalisation of only $150,000, the all-in-one hub for decentralized financial (DeFi) services Wault Finance has gradually established itself in the sector. On May 11, the platform announced that its automated market-making DEX, WaultSwap (WSwap), ranked 6th among all DEXes in terms of 24hr daily trade volume. WSwap also posted a total value locked figure of $700,000,000 less than ten days after launch.

Despite initial success, the team has continued to add upgrades to their project in order to increase their value. The platform, in an effort to consolidate its future, recently announced some changes in the emission rate of the WEX token in order to address inflation concerns.

Adjustment In The Rate Of WEX Emission


As part of preparations for an upcoming major partnership with Alpaca Finance, Wault Finance says that it will review the emission rate of one of its native tokens, the WEX, by 2.5% each week. The reduction is expected to result in the following benefits:

Optimization of WSwap’s trading volume 

Additional token burns

Implications Of The Reduction In WEX Emission

Since the rate of WEX emission per block will drop, yield farmers on Wault will see a drop in yields. However, it is expected that this will sustain the growth of the value of WEX in the long term. Those who join the farm early will earn higher rewards, as the amount of WEX issued will continue to reduce each week. As emissions drop and more tokens become available for burning, the pressure of inflation on the value of WEX will be mitigated to some extent.

Wault also hinted at the possibility of more adjustments of WEX emission in the future. According to the announcement, how the platform’s Total Value Locked (TVL) rises after the integration of Alpaca will form the basis for reevaluation. 

Impact Of Wault and Alpaca Integration On Ecosystem


The partnership will make Wault the second DEX to collaborate with Alpaca Finance and will enable leveraged yield-farming on Wault. It will enhance farmers’ yield by giving them access to borrow assets and reinvest for higher returns.  Other benefits users will derive from partnership include the following:

Higher Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 

Leveraged farming will lead to an increase in the returns rates of Wault’s LP pools. See the comparison between current and expected APRs below.


New Leveraged Pools

These pools, scheduled to take off from June 8, will afford farmers more opportunities to earn more rewards.

Additional details about the partnership can be found here!

Final Words

Wault Finance is leaving no doubt about its desire to be among the top decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform is building on the successes it has recorded since its launch by moving to reduce the emission rate of its WEX token. This will go a long way in ensuring the long term healthy growth of the token’s value. 

The partnership between Wault Finance and Alpaca Finance will lead to higher APRs and pools with higher returns on the Wault platform, boosting an already-solid project to another level of efficiency and returns for users. Investors on the platform should be excited by the progress the team has made, with further implementations on the near horizon.

Source : bsc.news

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