Wault Launchpad Tier Update and New Launchpad Project WSwap

Decentralized finance protocol, Wault Finance, wants to make DeFi simple and easy for all. In line with its mission to aggregate all basic DeFi services on its platform, Wault Finance has added a new product to its ecosystem.

Latest Updates

Wault wants to make DeFi adoption easy for everyone. The team continuously improves the ecosystem with further development of existing products and the addition of new ones. 

After a successful launch of Wault, the team announced in April 2021 the addition of a new product, WSwap. The Wault Launchpad Tiers have also been updated to better compensate WAULT token holders.


Wault is in the process of developing its Decentralized Exchange (Dex) that leverages Automated Market Making (AMM) technology. It is expected that WSwap will bring more liquidity into the Wault platform, as well as generate more opportunities for yield optimization. 

WSwap will utilize WEX as its native token. Holders of WEX will have governance rights over WSwap.

The supply structure of WEX is as follows, 

• Total Initial Supply: 750,000,000

• Airdrop to WAULT holders: 250,000,000

• Marketing: 250,000,000

Source: Medium

 • Initial PancakeSwap Liquidity: 125,000,000/250 BNB

• Initial WSwap Liquidity: 125,000,000/250BNB

Trading on WSwap will attract a fee of 0.2% share; liquidity providers will be allocated 0.18%, while  0.02% will be for daily buyback and burn of WEX. The goal of the buyback is to help constantly deflating WEX supply for sustained price growth over time. You can see other details about WSwap and WEX here

Wault Launchpad Tiers

The team will shut down the previous 30-day WAULT/BNB LP staking pool (whose LP tokens will then be migrated to a new LP staking pool) and create a second WAULT/BNB staking pool that will serve WSwap. Following the announcement, for a user of the launchpad platform to have access to presale opportunities, the user must stake in the 30-day WAULT staking pool. The allocation will be determined by the number of the user’s WAULT staked in the pool. 

Accordingly, presale allocation multipliers will be in the following categories:

• Silver: 100+ WAULT tokens will have a multiplier of 1x

• Gold: 200+ WAULT tokens will have a multiplier of 2x

• Platinum: 400+ WAULT tokens will have a multiplier of 5x

• Diamond: 1000+ WAULT tokens will have a multiplier of 12x

For more about the updates, here is the official announcement


What Is Wault Finance?

Wault Finance is a DeFi protocol developed on the Binance Smart Chain to be a comprehensive suite of DeFi products. Founded in February 2020, the central vision of the project is to make it easy for everyone to access every needed DeFi service on one platform. It aims to be a DeFi aggregating hub that integrates all primary DeFi use-cases in an easy-to-use interface. In essence, Wault Finance wants to be the one-stop ecosystem for decentralized finance services. 

To deliver on its vision, Wault Finance has a plethora of products, with each targeted for a particular DeFi niche. Some of the products include: 

1. Liquidity Mining (LP) 

Users provide liquidity for the Wault protocol by committing their assets to a pool. LP providers earn the protocol’s native token, the WAULT. 

2. Staking Pools

Like typical staking programs, holders of WAULT tokens can stake it and earn more WAULT tokens. 

3. Yield Optimization Platform

Wault Finance has vaults that are designed to take advantage of opportunities in DeFi. These vaults use automated algorithms to maximize returns. Those who deposit funds into the vault share the vault’s profit. 

4. Wault Locker

Lets an investor lock his assets in a smart contract for a definite time.

Source: Medium

5. Wault LaunchPad

This platform is a springboard for new BSC projects. Projects can raise liquidity by conducting private/public sales. The raised liquidity is then locked for a length of time to help to avoid exit scams. 

6. Elastic Supply Stable Coin

Wault Finance projects to launch her stablecoin called WOLD, in the second quarter of 2021. The coin would maintain its peg to the dollar and will algorithmically adjust its supply with respect to demand. WOLD will primarily be used as collateral in the Wault ecosystem.

Final Words

The Wault Ecosystem is still very much in its infancy. In less than two months since being launched, Wault has experienced tremendous growth and achieved much, including two very successful presales. Wault Finance set out to fill the gaps within the Binance Smart Chain DeFi-space. The addition of WSwap is another evidence of the Wault team’s aggressive development.

Source : bsc.news

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