Wault Finances WEXPOLY Airdrop is in Less 24 Hours, Here’s How to Participate!

Wault Finance’s WEXpoly Airdrop ends soon, here’s how to get in before it closes so you don’t miss out!

The Airdrop Ends Soon! Don’t Miss Out! 

On June 9th, Wault Finance tweeted out that the WEXpoly airdrop will soon be closed off and sent out to those who have participated in Wault Finance’s staking lockup. How this works is that Wault Finance is offering a massive WEXpoly airdrop to anyone who has staked in the WEX lockup pools. However, there is a cut off for when investors are able to stake in the Wualt Finance locked stakeup pools. After 3pm GMT on Fri June 11, investors will miss out on the massive WEXpoly airdrop if they did not participate in the Wualt Finance lockup pools.  


WEXpoly is a Polygon-native token which mirrors WaultSwap and its tokenomics. The token is going to be Fair Launch, which means all WEX token holders will have the chance to claim it. This token, like WEX, will be airdropped to current WEX and WAULTx holders in the lockup pools, rewarding their user base.

Here’s How The Airdrop Will Work!  

There are two lockup pools that will users can stake their WEX and Waultx in to. Both are 30 day locked staking pools. Below are the details on both pools, how they function, and the rewards that are distributed:

⦁ The 30-day WEX Locked Staking pool: Wault Finance has created a new lockup vault in the Locked Staking section on Wault.Finance. For every 1 WEX an investor locks up in this vault, they’ll receive .5 units of WEXpoly. If one assumes the prices of WEX and WEXpoly will be similar, then that’s an APR of 600%.

⦁ The 30-day WAULTx Locked Staking pool: Locked WAULTx tokens are also be eligible for the WEXpoly airdrop. Wault Finance will use the same WAULTx Lockup vault that they already have for presales. In other words, all WAULTx holders that are staking in that vault during the snapshot, will be eligible for WEXpoly airdropped tokens. For each locked 1 WAULTx you stake in the vault, investors will receive .25 units of WEXpoly. 

The Significance of Wault on Polygon (MATIC)

Wault Finance’s new airdrop of WEXpoly is incredibly exciting. The Wault protocol has been making some big moves in the crypto space, partnering with the Polygon network and enabling cross chain integration seemed to be the big news of the month from Wault Finance. However, this new airdrop is another opportunity and example of Wault Finance working hard and providing fun and rewarding ways for their community to stay involved. It will be really exciting to see how this airdrop affects the Wault Finance ecosystem. 

What is WaultFinance?

Wault Finance is a cross-chain decentralized exchange that connects all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple platform. Wault Finance aims to make the benefits of DeFi accessible in an intuitive way; saving investors and new users from the confusing interfaces, high fees, and unknown risks of other projects. With these goals in mind, Wault Finance has built a protocol with some super unique features they believe will amplify the power of wealth-accumulation for their users.

Source : bsc.news

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