Wault Finance Restarts Launchpad Presales With 1000 Blocks

Similar to other platforms, there will be an auction and staking opportunities to help kick off the sale.

1000Blocks.space Offering a New Concept  

Wault Finance is launching a presale for 1000Blocks, an NFT project that allows investment into Block Areas to showcase multiple posters/images and constantly earn BLS tokens. This community-powered non-fungible token (NFT) allows the Block Space to be covered in various posters/images for a preset time limit before an NFT is minted and auctioned in the open market. 

The concept is very much like Beeple’s Everyday. The profit from the auction and the investment in the Blocks Area will be funneled to its reward pool. BLS token holders can also stake their BLS tokens in a Blocks Vault to earn yields in BNB from the rewards pool. 

“Only WAULTx holders who are staking inside of Wault.Finance’s locked staking vault will be eligible to whitelist for this presale,” Wault Finance’s Samsara NotALlama explained in an August 23 Medium post. “The maximum allocation for each person will vary by the amount of tokens they are staking in the 30-day lockup pool.”

This venture will be Wault Finance’s 5th Launchpad projectWaultx holders can participate if they have staked in Wault Finance’s locked staking vault to be eligible to be whitelisted for this presale. 

Source: The basic concept behind 1000Blocks is to act as a visual real estate that stores value as an artwork and also an income generator through staking

Signing up for Presale 

There are specific conditions to be met before Wault Finance’s community members can participate. These conditions are:

i.      Waultx holders that have staked in the locked stalking vault

ii.     Waultx holders with a minimum of 100,000 Waultx tokens

Source: Waultx holders get access to low prices presale tokens subject to conditions.   

The allocation for each participant will vary depending on the number of tokens that they have staked in the 30-day lockup pool. Wault Finance has four different tiers, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with a threshold amount of Waultx token. The tiers would provide allocations with different multipliers of up to 15x.  

Risks Associated with New Tokens

There are various risks that investors take into account. Apart from the project’s viability, threats such as rug pullssmart contract vulnerabilities, and weak tokenomics must be minimized. 

Wault Finance assures its participants that the LP tokens will be locked for a year to prevent rug pull, and Inspex has audited the code. The audit included code analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual review to identify the vulnerabilities together with technical and business logic flaws. 

Source: The is a hardcap and fixed supply for the 1000Blocks presale and is only accessible to whitelisted Waultx token holders

NFT is Innovation

It is not surprising that NFT based projects are seeing tremendous interest. NFTs are not merely limited to avatars and digital art. It has a broader application, and this unique feature in NFTs can grow exponentially. But similarly, a promising technology with good prospects will also be wrongly represented, creating hype rather than presenting opportunities.  

Certain aspects of this industry could have been inflated by fad rather than actual substance. Therefore, the exercise of caution is always a good and sensible practice. At the very least, there must be a utility to the project, and there are viable tokenomics to drive the value of the tokens.   

To learn more about 1000Blocks, visit the following links:

Website Twitter Telegram Medium 

Source : bsc.news

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