Wault Finance Rebrands to Thorus, Completes Token Migrations

Rebrand in full swing for Wault, as Thorus awaits launch.

Project Rebrand Completion for Wault Finance

After the initial proposal to rebrand Wault Finance went through, the migration has been initiated and completed as users await the full launch of Thorus toward the end of December. 

More than 7.3 million $THO is due to be airdropped to previous $WAULT holders, the team confirmed via official Twitter on December 2nd. 

“The #migration period for #WEX, #WEXpoly and #WaultX is now over. More than 7.3M $THO will be airdropped to old #Wault holders.” The team confirmed, before referring to the new platform; “The new #Thorus platform development is on track and it’s estimated to launch towards the end of December! Stay tuned for updates!”


Users will be hoping the rebrand will breathe new life into a project that initially had a great deal of hype around it. So far, the steps around the rebrand and migration have gone seamlessly, and it would appear everyone invested in the project is in harmony with the direction taken. 

This will be a particularly exciting time for the team and indeed followers who have already set about creating an official fan page on Twitter which has so far garnered over 4,000 followers.

We look forward to tracking the kind of success the new rebrand will bring about.

What is (was) Wault Finance?

Wault Finance (soon to be Thorus) is a DeFi hub which aims to connect primary DeFi use-cases on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon. The protocol has partnered with many giants in the DeFi space like Alpaca Finance,  Polygon, Beefy Finance, Autofarm, Euler Tools,  Immunefi, MEXC Global, and Certik, amongst others. Their DEX protocol, WaultSwap, is compatible with both the BSC and Polygon. After a decision taken by the team and users invested in the project, Wault Finance has confirmed and initiated a full rebrand.

Find more about Wault Finance here:

Website | Twitter | Youtube | Github | Telegram | Medium

Source : bsc.news

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