Wault Finance Project Insight: An All in One Decentralized Finance Protocol

Waults ecosystem simplifies the who DeFi process and will distinguish the Wault finance platform. An easy-to-use intuitive UI will drive even more growth and increased adoption of DeFi features.

What is Wault Finance?

Wault is a decentralized finance project that aims to connect all Defi-based projects under one ecosystem. The platform is dedicated to a simplified, intuitive, effective, and user-friendly yield and lending aggregator. In the Wault finance ecosystem, users do not have to worry anymore about the complexity of carrying our simple DeFi tasks. Wualt offers a seamless user experience allowing for easy onboarding into the DeFi space.

The platform is integrated with special incentives and packages for its users and holders of its native tokens. Making activities not only simplified but rewarding in a lot of ways. For example, a 3% transaction tax is shared with Liquidity Providers, Wault stakers, Market funds, and token holders. On top of the rewards for activities like liquidity mining and staking, users will take part in the tax rewards and benefit from all the platform’s key features.

Wault Finance Key Features

Liquidity Mining

Staking pool

Wault locker

Elastic supply



Decentralized exchange

Yield optimization platform

Wault launchpad

Project Components

Four of the platform’s key features are in development with some already on the mainnet. The project started with Liquidity Mining and Staking which attracted numerous users on the first day of launch.

Wault Liquidity Mining: This is the act of providing liquidity to any Wault protocol trading pools. In return, liquidity providers receive rewards and transaction fees. The mining program will be offered only for the first several months. This ensures that rewards are distributed to the platform’s early supporters.

To reach total distribution the rewards will be halved every ten days. This distribution model favors those who are early liquidity providers to the protocol. This model is utilized as the initial liquidity is typically the most important.

For every transaction done the protocol will charge 1.8% in taxes and fees. This fee is redistributed to the LPs granting dual-earnings. In short, LPs will continue to earn after the distribution period due to an unceasing reward structure.

Wault Staking Pool: Holding your wault tokens inside the protocol to take part in governance activities and security of the protocol will be rewarded with tokens and fees in the following structure;

10% of the reward to staked coins with no lockups

30% to staked coins locked for one week

60% of the reward for tokens locked for one month.

Wault Launchpad: This will be a platform that will support the launch of other BSC build projects in an open and secured environment. This makes ventures more trustworthy while also protecting the liquidity providers. Projects can already start submitting their details to participate in the Wault launchpad program. The form is open for entry and acceptance of new projects.

Wault will be responsible for:

Screening quality project

Allowing projects to carry out their private sales and presales through the Wault launchpad.

Securing the raised funds by instantly locking in wault locker

Facilitating the auditing process of their project through partners.

Wault Locker: To raise the confidence level of the platform users, Wault finance has built the first of its kind Unicrypt in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. It allows Wault to lock funds and liquidity for a specific period. The feature, which is still under construction, will enhance trust and security for the platform users. No longer will they have to worry about a potential loss of their funds with the Wault locker activated.

According to the team’s Medium post, platform users should expect the beta version to be launched this week. Then the full release dapp and monitoring UI will be available in two weeks max. For each liquidity locked inside the Wault locker, 0.2% of the total locked will be taken out automatically by the smart contract as a service fee. The tokens will be liquidated and used to buy back Wault tokens in the secondary market, creating constant buy pressure and maintaining the token’s high price.

Just recently, the team has announced the new Vault where users can stake Cake and earn Wault. The rewards and incentive for holding the Wault tokens will be immensely improved with the new Vault. Rewards will be used to buy back the Wault token, creating more buying pressure.

In a relatively short period, the Wault project has gained immense value and traction. Starting at a listing price of $1.1, the token is currently at $22 at the time of this post. This may be partly due to the token structure.


There is a 3% transaction charge shared among stakers, liquidity providers, and token holders.

The 3% is divided in the following ways:

1.2% will go to the Liquidity Mining contracts

0.5% will go to the Staking Pools

0.8% will go to the Token Holders.

0.5% will go to the Marketing Fund.

Token Metrics and Distribution:

Maximum supply ever created – 1 000 000 Wault.

Initial supply – 500 000 Wault was produced and deployed

160 000 Wault – Private Sale (32%)

80 000 Wault – Presale (16%)

40 000 Wault – Marketing Treasury (8%)

30 000 Wault – Team tokens (locked for three months) (6%)

20 000 Wault – Bug Bounties reward (4%)

50 000 Wault – Exchange Market Maker Tokens (10%)

120 000 Wault – Initial liquidity for PancakeSwap (24%)


The scheduled release of its elastic supply stable coin

Integrating governance for complete democratization of the platform

Introducing its Automated Market Maker (AMM) Dex, bringing more liquidity to the ecosystem.

The lending platform, providing to loans to expand profit potential.

The release of both its AMM Dex and Wault locker platform will set the project as the one-stop shop for all things swap, yield optimization, lending, and staking. It will be the aggregation of these beneficial aspects of the DeFi industry all in one application.

In Conclusion

The race to solving complex problems has resulted in the proliferation of many projects in the industry. Each protocol is trying to solve one specific issue or another. Waults ecosystem simplifies the who DeFi process and will distinguish the Wault finance platform. Wault also boasts a governance feature that gives token holders the power to make credible decisions for the project.

An easy-to-use intuitive UI will drive even more growth and increased adoption of DeFi features. The target is the crypto DeFi community and traditional communities that are yet to come into the decentralized finance space.

For those who wish to learn more about Wault finance, check out the following resources and media pages:

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