Wault Finance Completes Whitelisting Process For GameFi Project RATOKEN In Readiness For Presale

Wault Finance has published the list of whitelisted participants and their presale allocations.

Wault Finance Concludes Ratoken Whitelist

Wault Finance has successfully concluded the whitelisting process for the presale of Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) first 3D GameFi platform, RATOKEN

The application into the whitelist opened on September 10, 4pm UTC and closed on September 12, 4pm UTC. Wault Finance announced the closure in a tweet on September 12:

“The RATOKEN #presale whitelist is now closed. On Monday at 3PM UTC, we’ll release the list of allocations.”

Ratoken Presale Goes Live Today 

Wault Finance has published the list of successful whitelist entries and their corresponding presale allocations. The platform tweeted the presale timeline on September 13:

“The whitelist for the RATOKEN #presale is online. The presale will go live at 3PM UTC on Tuesday, September 14th”



Conditions For Taking Part In The Presale

In a Medium post on September 10, Wault outlined the following criteria for anyone to be eligible for presale:

Must be a holder of the WAULTx token

Holders must have staked their WAULTX token in Wault’s 30-day Locked Staking Pool.

Everyone who was successful in getting whitelisted will be able to buy their presale allocations today, September 14, 3pm UTC through Wault’s launchpad at the presale price of 50,000 RATOKEN to 1 WUSD. 

Being on the whitelist does not guarantee that one will be able to purchase RATOKEN during the presale. According to the Medium post, the presale will be on a first-come-first-served basis, and it will close once a hard-cap of 400,000 WUSD is reached. 

Public Listing Follows Next

Those who could not make the whitelist will be able to buy RATOKEN from September 15, 3.00pm UTC. Wault Finance will list RATOKEN on Wault Swap at the price of 33,333 RATOKEN per 1 WUSD.


Wault Finance Grows Reputation

RATOKEN is the 6th project to launch on Wault Finance’s launchpad. 1000BlocksEuler Tools, and Holder Finance are some of the earlier projects. 

The outlook on DeFi has been bullish in recent months. Play-to-earn gaming platforms such as Axie Infinity and CryptoBlades have been quite successful, judging by their market performances. RATOKEN is the first GameFi Play-To-Earn project to launch on Wault Finance, and time will prove if it has the potential to follow the steps of its successful GameFi predecessors. 

As with any other new token, investors must be aware of risks such as rugpulls and errors in smart contracts associated with new, untested platforms. However, to strengthen investors’ confidence, Wault Finance will lock RATOKEN’s liquidity LP tokens for 1 year.

About Wault Finance and Ratoken

Wault Finance is a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. The platform presents a simplified DeFi approach to make it easy for everyone to access decentralised financial services. 

Ratoken purports to be the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on Binance Smart Chain. Ratoken is a community-driven play-to-earn platform. The game is the first to offer a very immersive and interactive 3D gaming experience.

To know more about Wault Finance and Ratoken, visit their media handles:

Wault Finance:

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Telegram 


Website | Twitter | Telegram

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