WASDAQ: The Revolutionary Token Bringing Investors Better Life/Investing Balance with Pre-Defined Hours

Within the investment world, there is always a fear of the ever-changing markets. One day you could invest an insane amount of money, see the value rise to new heights, then watch its value plummet. Honestly, it’s scary, especially in the DeFi space where trading is highly volatile. Tokens fluctuate with the rise and fall of the market, and many other external factors.

To combat these fears, enter the revolutionary solution, Wasdaq $WSDQ. A first of its kind token traded within pre-defined hours, giving holders the investing/life balance we all secretly crave.

Wasdaq’s Story

Created by two developers in France and Germany in one week, Wasdaq has certainly faced its challenges. One week from an idea to full-on implementation. One week to create a website, design a logo, write content, create a visual identity, publish a litepaper, sketch a roadmap, and write smart contracts. One week. 

Then they had three weeks to grow and promote their project to a community with no marketing funds. Initially they began with an ICO, but unfortunately it failed. Then they whitelisted which only provided them 12 addresses for launching the token. Raising awareness and funds is no easy task, no matter what project or blockchain you’re on. They had to impress their community, but also their IRL investor. 

Wasdaq’s creators believed with the rise of DeFi, there were new financial opportunities. However, with the lack of safety and well-implemented trading tools, launching in the DeFi space was a risk. 

By controlling when trading occurs, there would be fewer surprises with the token price activity. By targeting a certain part of the day for trading, especially when the market is most stable, holders will have more protection against massive losses. Now the question is, would they miss out on gains if something happened in the market outside of pre-defined trading hours? Perhaps, but Wasdaq wants to perform like the stock market so there’s downtime in holder’s lives where they can disconnect and enjoy some peace of mind. 

What is the goal of their project?

“We want to offer our tokens to big exchanges like Binance as a “loss leader tokens” (or first entry point) for their new customers, those who comes from traditional markets and wants to get into crypto, with a product related to what they already know: trade our tokens with opening hours before getting into other 24 hour cryptocurrencies”

Invest/Life Balance – How does that work?

To date, no other token has operated with pre-defined hours. How were they able to accomplish that? Let’s take a look:

So basically, Wasdaq mimics how the stock market works. The token opens for trading at a certain time by the gatekeeper. Then it closes at the end of trading hours. 

Wasdaq $WSDQ Tokenomics

Why might you consider investing? (Not financial advice)

New kind of project, no other token to date has pre-defined hours

Safe: 100% Liquidity locked for 3 years, 100% Team Wallets locked for 2 months, 80% of Marketing Wallet locked for 2 months

Team Wallets will remain locked until the team is doxxed

Effective Marketing

Listed on top token sites

Transparency throughout their process and growth

Mimics the stock market which may make it easier for people who may be cautious with 24 hour cryptos

“During closing times, token sales and transfers are blocked, but still safe on your wallet until the next opening time”

How to Buy $WSDQ

Closing Thoughts

Wasdaq is challenging the DeFi space to give holders a safeguard revolution for their invest/life balance. Tokens and smart contracts can be rather complex. Wasdaq understands their audience and the need for transparency. Easily accessible to buy, positive charting to date, 130 holders and rising, and absolutely no dropping of token price at night! Wasdaq will certainly be an epic force in the future. Speaking of long-term plans, they hope to expand to the ETH blockchain and allow for more holders to access their token.

Overall, Wasdaq has great potential. They are bringing a fresh idea to the crypto world and DeFi space. We’re excited to see how they grow and build credibility within the BSC community!

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Dex.guru Chart: dex.guru/token/0xafc4d521df3c0566d61931f81f02f1a525bad04d-bsc

Fool’s Tools Chartwww.foolstools.net/token/0xafc4d521df3c0566d61931f81f02f1a525bad04d

Smart Contract: bscscan.com/token/0xafc4d521df3c0566d61931f81f02f1a525bad04d

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