WARP Game – The most exciting thing to happen to blockchain gaming in the Multiverse

WARP brings together the best components between blockchain and games such as: GameFi, NFT, DeFi, multi chain integration and passive income generation, all in a sci-fi multiverse. WARP aspires to enhance the GameFi experience in a sustainable economy built around the WARP token.

Through WARP’s IDO event, participants will have a chance to receive WARP tokens.

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WARP is a fantastic ecosystem of Play-to-Earn games where users can battle it out for loot boxes, play fun games, and more.

As part of their long-term vision, WARP aspires to become the gold standard of Web3 game platforms by delivering a lively and engaging setting for both persistent and transient games.

WARP combines the greatest aspects of blockchain and gaming in a single, complex package: GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, and multi-chain connectivity, all inside a science-fictional universe. They want to improve the GameFi experience inside an economy based on the WARP coin.

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WARP’s first season was launched as a proof of concept, and it is currently live in a multichain setting. They released a multi-chain NFT bridge, an idle game, and an arcade game, all built on the same platform.

Those who invest their money into WARP do so in a respected, growing company with a solid track record.

Start with Season 1 of WARP at app.warp.game.

Video Game Market overview

The global market for gaming is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of close to 12.1 percent between the years 2022 and 2028. As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, people are being forced to remain inside and resort to gaming platforms on their cellphones, consoles, tablets, and computers. This drives the expansion of the gaming industry, which looks to be prone to an increase in lockdown as a result of the pandemic.

In addition, the advent of the e-sports craze has presented the global gaming business with fresh expansion possibilities that it may take advantage of.

NFT, GameFi & DeFi Market Growth

The era of gaming sales revenue has passed. Traditional gaming is now following the freemium paradigm. The freemium business model encourages players to buy in-game purchases by allowing them to play for free.

Future video games will mix the freemium business model with assets that can be acquired with in-game cash. The in-game money may be acquired by gaming, direct purchase, trade, or liquidity provision (LP). This approach is known as the P2E model or play-to-earn model.

Blockchain gaming has had a substantial influence on the gaming industry as a whole, with projected profits of around $10 billion in 2021. The blockchain gaming business has been caught by storm by P2E, a relatively novel idea.

One of the world’s leading crypto platforms, Crypto.com, predicts that blockchain gaming will reach a market valuation of $50 billion by 2025, a growth rate 10 times that of conventional gaming. The path to expansion has been cleared and prepared by large investments from both blockchain startups (Binance, Avalabs, Fantom Foundation) and venture capital funds.

With a current market worth of $7.7 billion for blockchain gaming compared to $175 billion for conventional gaming, we may anticipate tremendous growth for this segment of the entire gaming sector.

Current market problems

The current Web3 games place too much emphasis on Web3 capabilities, sometimes at the cost of the user experience.

Currently, the market is experiencing:
● Poor performance on GameFi.
● Limiting entrance points
● There is a glut of tokens and NFTs, yet they have few applications.
● Having trouble expanding and attracting users on the platform.
● Differences in protocol prevent different blockchains from working together.

WARP Metaverse Opportunity

The potential for WARP may be found across a variety of growing markets that have been stimulated by the economy that followed the epidemic:
● The international gaming industry
● The market for NFTs
● The WARP team forecasts that it will bring in between $2 and $3 million dollars in income within the first 24 months of operation.

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The purpose of WARP is to provide an atmosphere where friends may assemble informally, join guilds, and engage in missions, fights, and other activities. The team’s goal is to make it easy to access the Metaverse, play for rewards, and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming.

Inspired by a passion for science fiction and fantasy, the team thinks that we may all experience the last frontier.


To become the premier platform for game creators to launch their games into the WARP ecosystem by using their distinctive design. The premier doorway for onboarding non-crypto people into the sector with a fast-paced, entertaining play-to-earn game that covers everything possible with GameFi and the NFT revolution.

Their solution

The goal of WARP is to bring about a paradigm shift by providing a dynamic and immersive environment that features a variety of different game cycles, both short and lengthy.

Easy access for newcomers.

Coining a WARP Starship will let you access the ecosystem. Earn credits on a daily basis that may be utilized across the ecosystem.

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Utility token with deflationary economics

WARP is going to launch a brand new ecosystem token that will have a restricted quantity. They will also introduce multiple burn methods in order to reduce the total amount of tokens that are currently in circulation.

The ecology of several chains

The company’s games will be stored on servers with a high throughput, and as a result of its forward-thinking design, players from different blockchains will be able to communicate with one another while playing. The NFTs will be on multichain which will allow access of players from various chains into the ecosystem. 

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Interactive gameplay  

Game Modes Include:
● Idle Game
● PVE and PVP Modes
● Racing Mode
● Quests (Expeditions)
● Mini games (Arcade style)
● Tournaments (Guild wars)
● Space Lore (Metaverse)

Scalability of the architecture


The fact that the main ecosystem of WARP is hosted on a centralized server contributes to the unique architecture of the platform, which enables it to supply new games and features without requiring the deployment of new smart contracts on each chain.

Community that is constructed on top of other communities

The idea that underpins WARP’s approach to community creation is based on the formation of solid alliances and collaborations with NFT, DeFi, and GameFi activities.


What makes WARP unique?

➣ Using one of the one-of-a-kind Starship NFTs, you may travel to numerous stake pools.

➣ Construct starship NFTs by purchasing their individual components using DAI, and then assemble those starships in the Spacecraft Factory.

➣ You will have the ability to move your NFT starships across chains where WARP has been launched thanks to the multichain connectivity.

➣ You are able to purchase, list, and sell NFT starships as well as the components that go into making those starships to other users using the built-in NFT marketplace.

➣ Free multiplayer game of “the last man standing” is now accessible for all starship captains to participate.

➣ A blockchain-based war arena with a turn-based gameplay where you may advertise your spaceship and compete against other listed starships.

➣ The seasonal deployment release schedule implements massive new features and whole new business prospects in one fell swoop.

➣ There will be no early IDOs, Presales, IEOs, or influencers paid with WARP during the fair debut. Everyone has an equal chance of becoming the captain of a spaceship.

➣ User interface that is both powerful and one of a kind for Web 3.

➣ Everything, including the contracts, the code, the user interface, and the development, is handled in-house, so there are no outside suppliers involved. This ensures the highest level of security and stability.

What exactly are you looking forward to? The stars are making their appeal.

Business Model

The WARP’s environment may be broken down into its two primary parts, which are:
● Servers that are geared for gaming
● Distributed ledger technology (blockchain)

The current architecture of Web3 is not designed with gaming in mind. The group’s goal was to design a mechanism in which participants from different blockchains may communicate with one another on a single platform. As a result, in order to accomplish what they set out to do, they developed their system to make use of both Web2 and Web3 technologies.

Warp strategies

Development strategies

➣ Game mechanics: gaming mechanics that are easy to understand and have minimal entrance barriers Simple onboarding procedures for users of Web2 and Web3.

➣ Incentives: Players may earn credits by holding NFTs, which is one of the incentives. These credits may be utilized throughout the ecosystem to compete for various prizes, including $WARP.

➣ Scalability: Architecture of an ecosystem that can be scaled up in terms of its size (adding new games, features).

Growth strategies

➣ Building stage: The team will work to provide gamers on all of the main blockchains with a gaming experience that is both enjoyable and engaging.

➣ Adoption stage: thanks to the integration of many chains, mass adoption may take place on any EVM-compatible network.

➣ Integration stage: Expansion of the DeFi ecosystem via tactical integration and tie-ins with partner initiatives is the goal of the Integration stage.

Marketing strategies

➣ Strategic partnerships: Through their guild-building approach and strategic partnerships, they developed a community that was built on top of other communities.

➣ Community activities: Include cross-project AMAs with Partners, Allies, Guilds, and Influencer networks. These activities also include twitter spaces, fireside talks, and fun events.

➣ Influencer network: Currently, they are in the process of constructing a network of influencers while also analyzing the effect on key performance indicators (KPIs).

WARP Ecosystem

Ecosystem Loop

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➣ Acquire yourself a spacecraft.

Take part in the NFT pre-sales to acquire or upgrade starships with added features or brand new starships from the Starship Factory. You may also buy brand new starships.

➣ Get hold of the $WARP.

Users have the opportunity to accumulate credits on a daily basis by holding spaceship NFTs, which may then be utilized within the ecosystem.

➣ Participate in the ecosystem to accumulate $WARP and NFTS.

Players use the free credits they get to participate in the WARP ecosystem in order to win $WARP, NFT drops, loot boxes, and other goodies.

WARP game loops

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➧ There is a maximum supply of 10,000 starships for both Season 1 and Season 2.

➧ Every non-faction ship in the game collects daily in-game credits dependent on the ship’s power.

➧ Participating in the ecosystem requires the usage of credits, which players may earn through completing tasks, playing games, and engaging in combat with other users.

➧ After that, players are rewarded with $WARP tokens, which may be withdrawn, sold, or upgraded their Starship NFTs with. Alternatively, players can choose to sell their $WARP tokens.

NFT Ecosystem

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For Seasons 1 and 2, the maximum supply of 10,000 Starships is available.

Every single spaceship NFT accrues daily in-game credits according to its overall power.

Participating in the ecosystem requires the usage of credits, which players may earn through completing tasks, playing games, and engaging in combat with other users.

After that, players are rewarded with $WARP tokens, which may be withdrawn, sold, or upgraded their Starship NFTs with. Alternatively, players can choose to sell their $WARP tokens.


The WARP platform will offer, in addition to NFT staking for in-game goods, an in-game marketplace where the loot can be purchased and sold. This will allow users to effectively cash in their earned drops if they do not choose to utilize them in-game. The WARP token, which is unique to the WARP protocol, serves as the fuel that drives the in-game economy.

DeFi Ecosystem and Yield Farming

Check back often for continuous updates to this Whitepaper, which can be found at gitbook.warp.bond/warp-bond-protocol/introduction. Details about their DeFi ecosystem will be forthcoming in the near future.


Last but not least, WARP is going to include an e-sports book room where people who are of age to gamble legally will be able to put bets on their favorite WARP Starships (for Battle & Racing games).

New interactive sci-fi map

Game features (live)

WARP Battlezone

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Autobattle Mode is ideal for speedy and casual gamers who wish to engage their starships in battle in short bursts since it decides the result of a combat in a single transaction.

In Advanced Battle Mode, the user has complete command over his Starship’s artificial intelligence while engaging in turn-based battle that takes place on the blockchain.

WARP Arcade

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Your web browser is all you need to operate WARP Arcade, an online war arena where you may enter at any moment and leave whenever you choose, with no lobbies or loading required. After successfully connecting your wallet, you will be able to play the game as your spaceship and engage in open combat with other players.

Your ship’s speed, damage output, and overall strength in the Arcade are reflected in the stats of the NFT version of your starship.

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