Wanaka Farms Stumbles Through Launch, CEO Apologizes

With the project having organized everything for the launch, unanticipated problems arose.

Launch Issues

Wanaka Farms endured a problematic launch as many users flagged issues during participation, with the team eventually coming out with an official apology. 

The official game launch took place on October 29 at 14:00 PM UTC as announced via Medium the day before the launch, and the immediate responses by users signaled that something was not quite right. 

@Juan0L0ropeza tweeted “The obtaining of land is failing, I go to the mail and my land does not come out, in the marketplace and in metamask if I have it.”


It became clearer that many users were down on their initial investment, and with assets not showing up in relevant wallets, the following tweet seemed to compound the worry. 

“I have deposited my land and it has disappeared from my metamask and from the game… What can I do?” @Moni_887 asked after encountering similar issues.

These are of course just two comments from a huge number of users who had been voicing their concern and displeasure publicly. What was a moment of excitement for Wanaka Farms suddenly turned into a period that threatened the overall confidence in their project? This is likely why the response by the team was prompt and significant. 

Official Response

Wanaka CEO Truong Tran did not hide behind his desk in the aftermath of the aforementioned problems. Instead, he issued an official statement through his official Twitter account.

In the statement, Tran explains that “Wanaka is doing its best to fix the bugs and release a complete update in the next few days.”

As reassuring as those words may have been, users will be more interested in the following more accurate and accountable response.

“The number of tokens was double-spent when a pending problem occurs on the BSC chain; we will deduct from the team’s revenue to compensate (land sale, marketplace fee, breed house),” the project’s CEO put forward. “Your assets deposited into the game, including lands and tokens, are all safe and sound, after updating the patch, don’t worry.”

Source | Official Apology

The specificity of his reply will do much to quell the fears of innumerable users who took to social media to voice their concerns.  Even projects with reputable teams tumble, it’s how they get back up that matters.

About Wanaka Farms

The project describes itself as a relaxing blockchain-based game inspired by a town on the South Island of New Zealand called Wanaka. At Wanaka Farm, players are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the role of a happy farmer by cultivating lands, crop farming, breeding pets, and decorating their own virtual land. From then, each participant will contribute to building a whole metaverse combining multiple unique customized farms. 

The team at Wanaka Farm explains that it believes that having a unique item and/or character is one of the ways the game can be appealing and engaging but also rewarding to the players. There is a degree of randomness and a sense of ownership that will entice prospective players. 

Where to find Wanaka Farms

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram |

Source : bsc.news

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