Wall Street Games Token Launches New iOS App

The WSG platform is increasing its mobile capabilities to build out a better blockchain gaming platform.

Wall Street Games iOS Updates

The team behind Wall Street Games (WSG) Token debuted several new features for the beta version of its iOS app––announcing a new app version––with more features on the way soon. 

One of the most held tokens on BNB Chain––with over 1.4 million holders, according to GenX Analytics––announced the latest iOS updates on April 15 through both Telegram and Twitter to their growing community. The latest updates addressed smaller bugs and simpler fixes regarding issues like leaderboard fixes and login issue fixes. The WSG team later confirmed that a new and larger feature will be on the way soon, per team communications on April 17, and that staking pools have been refilled for boosted rewards before the next feature update. 

“The single asset $WSG staking pool on stake.wallstreetgames.net has been refilled,” the team tweeted on April 21. “Enjoy the sweet rewards while the team is building! A hint about the new feature is coming soon!”


The Wall Stree Bets iOS app is currently available through the Test Flight app integration on Apple, which requires users to download a beta version of the platform to access. The project also recently integrated with Atomic Wallet, a blockchain wallet with over 3 million users, increasing access and utility to its holders.

The WSG Army of holders continues to grow stronger as the team builds out the platform. The project has benefited from the memefication and popularity of the Wall Street name––even more likely is the popularity of the Wall Street Bets subreddit famous for shorting the stock market in 2020. 

No exact date has been given for the upcoming feature, however, the BSC News team will follow the development closely to bring the relevant info. 

What is Wall Street Games Token:

Wall Street Games (WSG) is a hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform on BNB Chain (BSC), which allows players to earn cryptocurrencies by playing games, collecting tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and winning rewards. Wall Street Games offers several skill-based games and players can link their web wallet to these games and back themselves by wagering cryptocurrency. All games are easy to learn and of short duration. The winner is whoever obtains the highest score. Wall Street Games is another example of the growing GameFi sector, where players can earn cryptocurrency by participating in so-called play-to-earn games.

Where to find Wall Street Games:

Webstite | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | GitHub | Docs |

Source : bsc.news

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