Wall Street Games, The Next-Gen Gaming Platform Launched Its 2.0 Version

Wall Street Games, the next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, has announced the release of its 2.0 edition.


Wall Street Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a new and engaging way for users to earn cryptocurrencies by playing interesting and addicting games, collecting tradable NFTs, and earning money.

Wall Street Games 2.0 was just released in beta with new features to help influence the play-to-earn gaming business.

Details about the new platform

The team is introducing new features, namely Main Flow, NFT Ranks, Referrals, Marketplace, Chests, and Album with Wall Street Games 2.0. 

Main Flow

Wall Street Games 2.0 introduces a clearer primary flow for users to grasp the platform and making it easy to join at any moment. The flow now consists of five phases, beginning with getting started with the platform and ending with beginning to gather and earn. 

Start: To be eligible for the games, you must first stake WSG/ BNB LP NFT or WSG. In addition, you may use WSG to buy NFT or KEYS to play.

Play: You may play and earn KEYS by playing several addicting and exciting games 

Treasury: Treasury is accessible as a game prize. Besides, one can obtain treasury KEYS earned while playing or purchased with WSG. You can get either tokens or NFTs from the Treasury. 

Earning: The Album function is included so that you may gather all of the NFTs and earn the grand prize. More information on Album will be provided below. 

NFT Ranks

The NFT Ranks functionality was added to determine the additional percentage of KEYS received. The higher your NFT Rank, the more likely you are to receive KEYS when playing games. There are eight levels with escalating percentages:

Rank 0 – 1.5%

Rank 1 – 3%

Rank 2 – 5%

Rank 3 – 8%

Rank 4 – 12%

Rank 5 – 17%

Rank 6 – 25%

Rank 7 – 35%


The referrals program is no longer unlimited. The maximum number of referrals is 100, with each referral providing 0.05 percent more odds of receiving a key after a game.


Tokens will be used to purchase NFTs on the Marketplace.

Use NFTs to convert them back into keys (for example, 10 common NFTs = 1 key).

NFTs are traded for the purpose of collecting (to get the missing NFTs for the album)

You may exchange NFTs for tokens and buy/sell NFTs for collecting. Each trade incurs a 5-10% charge.


As a reward, you will receive an NFT card or tokens.

NFTs are collectibles that users must acquire in order to finish the album. The items will be available for trading on the NFT marketplace.

Tokens that users may obtain as a reward not just from WSG but also through collaborations.


An album for collecting NFTs won in the Chest. Collect 60 NFTs to finish the album. Each quarter of the year, a new album is released. Users will have three months to finish the entire album. Every month, we publish 20 NFT cards (1 Legendary, 3 Mythic, 6 Rare, 10 Common). If you gather all of them first, you will win the ultimate reward listed below. The sooner you finish your collection, the larger your prize.

1st place: 10,000 WSG

2nd place: 7,000 WSG

3rd place: 3,500 WSG

4th place: 2,000 WSG

5th place: 1,000 WSG

Project Roadmap

Q4 2021

Beta Bug Hunting Reward Program

Release Android and iOS mobile application

Treasury Chest Release

Marketing Campaign

Q1 2022

Launch on other blockchains

New Game Release

NFT Marketplace

Collectibles Album Launch

Q2 2022

New Game Release

WSG Event

Celebrity Marketing

Partnerships with leading blockchain gaming platforms

Learn More

Website: wsg.gg/ 

Twitter: twitter.com/WSGToken

Medium: medium.com/@WSGToken

Telegram: t.me/WSGToken


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