Wagerr Project Insight: Privacy Focused Sports Betting Giving Users the House Edge

Wagerr aims to become the hub of all sport-betting activities. Sports lovers worldwide can take on betting using the decentralized application of Wagerr without compromising quality and their identity.

What is Wagerr?

Wagerr is a permissionless blockchain sportsbook secured by a global decentralized network. It’s a decentralized network that brings trustless sports booking to the betting community. The protocol utilizes a strict use of Application Specific Smart Contract (ASSC) and 2nd layer network controlled by Oracle Masternodes. Users can bet anywhere irrespective of their region with the best odds and with their identity remaining private.

Wagerr offers revolutionary service to the sportsbook and betting industry by offering a decentralized platform that gives enhanced benefits compared to the traditional sports betting and booking platforms.

Users accrued the following benefits when using Wagerr:

No limit betting

Global access

Private betting

Guaranteed Payouts

Financial autonomy

Key Features


Oracle Masternode

Affiliate system

Limitless betting


Guaranteed payouts

Oracle for reliable sports data feeds

Lowest House Edge (Juice) in the industry

Project’s Components

Wagerrs features guarantee maximum benefits to sports lovers who like to put in money where their interests are; the platform’s features provide privacy to individuals who are uncomfortable with the traditional setup that requires details before access to gameplays.

Privacy: Backed by the blockchain anonymity property, which guarantees players their privacy, users of the Wagerr Sportbooking platform do not have to reveal their identity before betting. Their identity is completely protected. Wagerr does not require you to signup for its services or handover any personal/identifying information.

Oracle Masternode: Sports betting may come with a certain level of risk and uncertainty. Being a bookkeeper does not. Wagerr Oracle Masternodes affords stable passive income to its Masternodes oners. A certain portion of all winning bets is distributed by the network to the oracle.

Since 2018 the sports booking platform has been relaying information through its API to the Wagerr blockchain, thereby becoming the first blockchain project to use an oracle system. Currently, there is work ongoing to decentralized this task to individual masternodes, which a super-consensus system will govern.

Affiliate system: The off-chain affiliate system is currently available for users on the web sportsbook; this is slated to move on-chain soon. Wagerr implemented a revenue-sharing model to reward users who invite their friends.

No Limit Bet: Unlike the traditional system that has a barrier to the number of bets users can make. In Wagerr, players bet against the blockchain; no matter the wager’s size, there is no limit to the bet size.

Lowest House Edge: Players save 40% lower juice when they book sport on the platform. Because the platform has the lowest juice in the industry, bettors get a more considerable edge when using the Wagerr platform.

The blockchain is not a company and does not require profit. This means that Wagerr can provide you with the best odds in the world. The network goes one step further and allows users to share in its success via its revolutionary token model.

Deflationary Mechanics: When bets are placed, tokens are immediately burned, and the coin supply reflects this. Losing bets remained burned why the winning bets are minted, and a small portion is taken as a fee. About half of these fees are burned while the rest is distributed to the Masternodes. Masternodes earn a portion of block rewards via its Proof of Stake Mechanics (POS).

Guaranteed Payouts: The period bettors get to lose their money to platforms that result in gimmicks and other tricks to avoid paying players their winning bets is winding up. Since bettors are playing against the blockchain, which is a transparent and trustless network, they are guaranteed their payouts at any time without hassles.

There are no third-party risks; bettors do not risk getting suspended or restricted as Wagerr is incapable of such actions since all users are anonymous. The platform is opened to all users worldwide, irrespective of region, promoting a genuinely decentralized sportsbook system.

The platform has released the world’s first private betting app. The app available on PC and mobile comes quite handy for players as it functions both as a sports booking platform and a wallet to send, store and receive $WGR, the native tokens of the platform.

There are series of news about platform progress and partnerships available on its news outlet.

Automated Uniswap Liquidity Reward

Procedures on staking Liquidity Tokens and getting automatic rewards through the Farm:

Add liquidity on Uniswap and Earn

Earn Liquidity Provider tokens on WWGR/ETH markets

Stake your tokens

Earn staking rewards automatically

Partnership with ZED RUN

ZED RUN  is an innovative NFT platform where you can buy, race, and breed beautifully designed poly-art racehorses. Races on ZED RUN are open 24/7, where thousands of people have already purchased and raced their racehorses. The partnership integrates traditional and digital sports booking under Wagerr, the decentralized platform’s focal point.


The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been carried out since 2017. The platform Whitepaper page 32 presents the break down of the use of the funds;

The total supply, according to Coinmarketctap, is 216,974,455 WGR at the current price of $0.115. Token holders have the benefits of the Wagerr platform allocated to them. Being a Masternode Oracle essentially means being the house; your income is guaranteed.

ETH/WGR UniSwap (ERC20) – Wrapped WGR – is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Wagerr (WGR). It enables users to utilize uniswap, a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum.

BNB/BSCWGR Pancakeswap (BSC) –  Wrapped WGR BSCWGR –  can be traded on Pancakeswap, the uniswap equivalent.


Wager 4.0, Asian Handicap for scoring, and the sportsbook affiliation program have come underway in Q1 of 2021. The platform looks into increased adoption through its 5.0 and 6.0 launch scheduled for Q4 this year and next year.
A frictionless swap between WGR and other major currencies, field betting, an onchain affiliate system with live spot bets, and casino games like Dice are all planned in the future. The roadmap focuses on three areas, the betting platform, the core, and the adoption, all of which it is looking at achieving.

In Conclusion

Wagerr will become the hub of all sport-betting activities, including casino games. A decentralized sports booking platform will solve the existing problems encountered by players currently using traditional solutions. where booking websites engage in different underhand tactics to deny players of their winning bets.

The platform’s decentralized nature solves the problem with limited betting and inaccessible websites due to location and region. Sports lovers worldwide can take on betting from the comfort of their home on their mobile device using the privacy-enabled application of Wagerr without compromising quality and their identity.

Source : bsc.news

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