Vous Media Group Announces The First Mafia Game On BSC

By fusing the fun and addicting aspect of being a gangster for a day with the opportunity to gain real-world tradable goods, DopeWarz aspires to create a metaverse with an in-game, virtual economy that replicates supply and demand patterns seen in cities worldwide.

A game’s value is analogous to how Bitcoin is valued; it is directly proportional to the network of individuals who want to use it. Many games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and others have become so addicting that players have started spending real money in-game to improve their characters and obtain unique skins, but they could never recoup the money they paid.

NFTs have revolutionized blockchain technology, allowing game creators to take part in the success of their titles with their gamers. This is the most efficient and fair method to market a game. Purchasing an NFT gives you ownership of it, gives you the ability to resell it, and gives you the ability to increases the value of your game assets as additional people join the game.

The in-game economy will enable players to earn $DDZ (DirtyDollarz) for drug transactions and convert their time investment in improvements to their DOPEZ & DOZ, which will be tradeable on the Black Market as Binance Smart Chain NFTs. Gamers can t Transfer $DDZ to the platform governance and utility token $DWZ and use it to enhance gaming or even to purchase BLOCKZ to generate passive income and influence the government.

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Source : bsctimes

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