VooDooBikers – Merging Cinema and DeFi in a Seamless Blend

The project aims to revolutionize how decentralized finance can be applied to the film industry.

A Star is Born and its Name is DeFi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has already proven it offers unique benefits that centralized finance can’t match. We’re already witnessing DeFi challenge traditional finance by offering lending and savings rates far superior to the archaic banking system. As more and more innovation leads to further exposure, DeFi is being integrated into various forms of art – including cinema. Movies financed by DeFi tokens will be a crucial contributor to DeFi’s next wave of growth. DeFi will also disrupt traditional models such as film financing, allowing audiences to not only share in the fun of movie-making – now they’ll share in profits as well. Instead of buying a movie ticket, they’ll buy a movie token, which offers a host of unheard-of benefits. 

VooDooBikers is Revved and Ready

Leading this industry is VooDooBikers. The catchy project name is also the title of the first film they’re producing, “VooDoo Biker Gangs”. The premise is an action-horror film wherein tough-but-lovable bikers defend their hometown against invading monsters. It’s the type of film that translates around the world and will easily lead to sequels. The value of the token increases with excitement about the film and the profits from the film are put back into the token. 

Celebrity Influence

Notable entertainment figure Stevie Long is the creator of the project. Long has achieved notoriety having worked in Hollywood for 25 years on films and TV shows such as ‘Starsky & Hutch’ and ‘Sons Of Anarchy’. This isn’t the first time he is ahead of the curve, however. 

“When I put a movie directly on Hulu ten years ago,” Long explains, “my filmmaker friends worried that nobody would watch movies on a computer. Once Smart TVs arrived, and you could get Netflix or Hulu by pressing one button, it all changed. Now the latest movies are on streaming channels.” 

Today, he sees the same change coming with how audiences choose to spend their money on entertainment. 

Long claims, “The old movie studio system is the same as old banking. Movie studios loan a producer money to shoot a movie, and get paid back by ticket sales. In the near future, the audience will be the lender. If you could buy a piece of the next Star Wars or Marvel franchise, wouldn’t you? The ten-dollar movie ticket gets stored in your crypto wallet, and is later worth more money. Or buy tokens in bulk, expecting the film will be a hit.”

VooDoo Token Details

VooDooBikers the token is wonderfully simple. A transaction tax of 10% applies to each trade, with 5% going back to the holders, increasing their stake. 4% is returned to liquidity for project stability, and 1% returns to the film’s budget. Profits from the movie are put back into the project, as the token owns the IP (Intellectual Property) rights. There is no greater promotion than actors, whether on TV or social media. Currently, actors appear on talk shows or Tweet about an upcoming movie, urging their fans to go see it. Soon, they will provide a contract address where their fans can buy a token and be invested in the film. This is just one of the many exciting possibilities that DeFi offers to the entertainment industry – and VooDooBikers is in a prime position to execute on this potential.

The Future For VooDooBikers

The roadmap for the project follows Mr. Long’s successful filmmaking schedule. Casting is underway, with the actors to promote the movie on social media after their contracts are signed. Shooting will take place in October and November of 2021, followed immediately by editing and VFX. “Voo Doo Biker Gangs” will then be sold to worldwide platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO. VooDooBikers token holders are encouraged to be part of the filmmaking process and visit the set, creating real-world involvement and enthusiasm. 

Concluding Thoughts

While starting with one movie that shoots in the fall of 2021, VooDooBikers plans to grow into a billion dollar studio, producing dozens of movies and TV shows. DeFi is only just getting started, and VooDooBikers looks to be one of the first-movers in integrating decentralized concepts to the cinematic industry.

Source : bsc.news

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