Volt Inu Major Listing on Huobi

VOLT listing on Huobi will increase the token’s legitimacy and accessibility to a broader audience.

VOLT New Listing

Volt Inu has recently announced that its native token, VOLT, will get listed on Huobi, one of the leading crypto exchanges on the market. 

According to the announcement posted on Volt Inu’s Twitter account, VOLT will get listed on Huobi on March 13, 2023

VOLT’s listing on the renowned crypto exchange comes with significant advantages for Volt Inu, increasing the cryptocurrency’s legitimacy and accessibility.

One Step Forward for Volt Inu

Volt Inu, a DeFi platform offering a deflationary decentralized exchange, announced on its Twitter account on March 8, 2023, that its native token will get listed on Huobi on March 13, 2023. 

Huobi, one of the top crypto exchanges at the moment, has also announced the VOLT listing on its website

Furthermore, the crypto exchange has stated that there will be more activities launched, and users will get the chance to win generous rewards. Thus, the platform encourages users to stay tuned and wait for upcoming announcements.

New Improvements for VOLT

The VOLT listing on Huobi comes with great benefits for Volt Inu. As a DeFi platform constantly working to develop new utilities and tools, improve the existing ones, and offer a complete deflationary DeFi experience to all crypto enthusiasts, Volt Inu has to focus on achieving great accessibility and being trustworthy. And considering that Volt Inu’s native token will now get listed on one of the top decentralized exchanges, this will significantly increase the platform’s accessibility and legitimacy. 

Moreover, with VOLT listed on Huobi, Volt Inu will add one more exchange to the 110 crypto exchanges already listing the cryptocurrency. Such an event can bring new users to the platform, considering that VOLT will now be visible to a broader audience, especially with Huobi currently being the second biggest exchange after Binance based on weekly visits. And not only does this help Volt Inu’s community, but it also makes the token more attractive with the increased liquidity offered by such a major exchange. 

Besides that, with increasingly more crypto investors joining Volt Inu’s community, the platform has the opportunity of improving its products and projects even more, as it will receive even more feedback than before. 

About Volt Inu

Launched in December 2021, Volt Inu is a crypto project that focuses on delivering a one-stop shop for DeFi products. The platform aims to bring the profits back to the native token to support its deflationary purpose. 

Some of Volt Inu’s main goals are to allow crypto projects to get listed in a free and permissionless way and to help cryptocurrencies become deflationary by burning their supply.

Besides aiming to redefine decentralized finance, Volt Inu has also tackled the NFT field, launching a 3D NFT collection called VDSC.

Furthermore, Volt Inu has developed 2 crypto-based games, Volted Racer and VoltIsland. Volted Racer is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) game with NFT integration that offers free and paid game modes for individuals and crypto projects. 

VoltIsland is a Battle Royale game with VDSC NFT integration that will be launched in Q3 2023.

Volt Inu has also launched a multichain DEX (decentralized exchange) called Voltichange. Voltichange supports automated, free, and permissionless listings for every existing and future crypto project. The platform has a 0.5% trading fee used to make every crypto traded on the exchange deflationary.

Learn More 

If you want to learn more about VOLT and Volt Inu’s projects, you can check the company’s official website, as well as follow Volt Inu on TelegramTwitterFacebookRedditYouTubeMediumTikTok, and Instagram

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