Voice AMA with OriginX recap

Voice AMA with OriginX

AMA with OriginX

OriginX has a grand worldview and a gripping storyline. Players can participate in character creation themselves (character assembly DIY). To add more playability, OriginX creates 3 different types of PVE gameplay, including story mode, Eternal Challenge and Isolation Belt Exploration so players could finish different missions to win rich prizes. They also create unique miners war to replace boring mining. There will be 4 types of PVP to be released later, with a home system combines virtual and reality. 


Mr. Anna: Community Leader

OriginX’s Links:

Website: www.meta-originx.com

Telegram: t.me/officialoriginx

Twitter: twitter.com/Origin_X_Meta

BSCDaily’s Links:

Website: coinwire.com

Telegram: t.me/bsc_daily

Twitter: twitter.com/bsc_daily

Source : Coinwire

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