Voice AMA with O3 Labs recap

Voice AMA with O3 Labs

AMA with O3 Labs O3 Swap’s version 2, officially named ‘O3 Interchange’, will be a cross-chain DEX like no other in that it provides services aside from bridging the same token across different chains, but rather swaps heterogeneous or different digital assets too. In addition to aggregating DEXs on the source chain as V1 did, O3 Interchange will also aggregate DEXs on the destination chain. That means users will have more choices for their destination asset. Guest:

Mr. Matthew Powers – Communication Director

O3 Labs’s Links:

Website: o3.network

Discord: discord.com/O3Swap

Twitter: twitter.com/O3_Labs

BSCDaily’s Links:

Website: coinwire.com

Telegram: t.me/bsc_daily

Twitter: twitter.com/bsc_daily

Source : coinwire.com

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