Vietnam Proving to be GameFi Hotbed as Titan Hunters Looks to Establish Itself

Play to Earn project Titan Hunters looks to establish itself with retro gameplay and plans to impact the NFT market.

New GameFi Project 

Titan Hunters offers a nostalgic throwback reminiscent of Lego, Minecraft, and the more contemporary Roblox. The team is looking to pit itself as the next big competitor to something like Minecraft Dungeons. 

The team explains they aim to bring the engulfing world of NFTs to mainstream mobile players. By making the game ‘simple and fun,’ they will look to open up accessibility and invite players of all ages to come play-to-earn on Binance Smart Chain

“Our leading philosophy is to create a game that keeps players constantly challenged and thrilled,” the team behind Titan Hunters states via an official Medium post


While the philosophy is certainly commendable, Titan Hunters are coming into a space that is already incredibly competitive and growing more so by the day. 

That being said, the gameplay videos available on their official webpage outlines some interesting graphics and gaming features. This perhaps is once more an indication of the incredible talent filtering out of Vietnam, as we have already seen with the incredible Axie Infinity and the newer HeroVerse.

“The game will come with a voice communication system, beautiful graphics where you can show off your unique equipment to your playmates, or even guide your team with your own style and grow your squad strength,” the team went on to outline. “Every item in this game is unique, and you are free to unleash your endless creativity.”

The project is indeed very fresh and still looking to make an impression, we’ll be following closely to see what kind of impression they will indeed end up making. 

With the indication on the website that the game will be available for download via PC, Android, and App Store, plenty of users may well get to find out just how much potential there is for Titan Hunters to establish themselves. 


About Titan Hunters:

Titan Hunters claims to be inspired by the fun gameplay of Diablo, Voxel’s signature look and the feel of Minecraft. They state they are a creative and unique gaming project that combines NFTs (and the earning possibilities within) and the best gaming genre in MMORPG. Users will have the opportunity to become hunters within the gameplay and discover the secrets in an intriguing world of miracles and mysteries. 

Where to find Titan Hunters:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram 

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