VIDYX AMA Recap hosts VIDYX: a decentralized fan engagement platform.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @sherry04405!

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice to have you here with us today. How is your day?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: I’m fine. Many thanks

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Yep

Q1:  Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in Crypto & VIDYX?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Hi I’m Sherry from VIDYX. I’m currently the marketing manager of VIDYX responsible for community and marketing strategies. I joined the crypto industry in 2018 as a community manager in quite a few projects and later Vidy in 2020. I am personally also a hodler of $VIDY, $VIDYX, $ETH, and $UNI.

I’m into crypto because it brings so much potential while sharing a promising future of a decentralised, but more importantly, democratic new world. Glad to be here and be with you guys.

Q2: Tell us the essence of VIDYX

Sherry.T@VIDYX: VIDYX is the gateway to web 3.0 fan engagement metaverse for digital media and entertainment.

The VIDYX ecosystem consists of two main parts: a blockchain-powered advertising reward system, and a blockchain platform for fan engagement based on Brand Token + NFT.

Sherry.T@VIDYX: The reward system enables users of online media to watch short video ads and earn cryptocurrency rewards. Brand tokens are tokens issued by brands, like celebrity, merchant brands, or sports/esports clubs through VIDYX.

Sherry.T@VIDYX: With the brand tokens, fans are able to participate in the brand governance and make decisions for the brands on-chain. Brand tokens are also the keys to unlock various fan benefits. NFT merchants are a special licensed brand merchant. They can be exclusive to the brand token owners as a part of the on-chain fan benefits.

Q3: Tell us what distinguishes VIDYX from others

Sherry.T@VIDYX: NFT is a very promising new industry in itself which can basically be categorised into two genres: blockchain-native NFTs, and IP NFTs. Blockchain-native NFTs are NFTs that originated from the crypto community and are highly valued and widely accepted by the crypto community: CryptoKitties, CryptoPunk etc.

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Many from both genres have tried very hard to penetrate the market. But we have to admit that very few can be called success. Most NFT projects are marketplaces, which is a good niche to try with but you have to consider that the NFT market is still in its very early stage and the trading of NFTs are not of high frequencies at all. The better issue we shall solve is, why people would be attracted by these NFTs and why they would like to stay. So you do need strong IPs and high fan engagement.

This is what VIDYX is strong at, through leveraging on the partnership network of VIDY, VIDYX have already signed up with some world’s best IPs. Although I can’t disclose the names yet due to confidentiality at this stage, I can tell you that some among the IPs are: European’s top football clubs who have multiple UCL champion titles, one of the world’s most popular toy brands, and European top gallery with over 200 artists and more.

Sherry.T@VIDYX: These brand IPs are extremely valued by millions of people worldwide and can surely pump in huge traffic. And, what if we ain’t just helping the brands to get into NFTs but issue brand tokens to their huge fanbase? This is something that no one in the crypto space ever did and or ever be capable of doing. Only VIDYX.

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you for a very detailed answer.

Q4: Tell us more about brand token? Why did you say ‘brand token’ is gonna be a necessity for the NFT economy?

Sherry.T@VIDYX:A brand token is an ownable, tokenized proof of benefit issued for a brand. By brand, we mean any kind of entity of influence, it can be a celebrity, a sports team, a commercial brand… Literally anything with significant influence.

Sherry.T@VIDYX: We are not limited to a certain type of niche but can cover the whole media & entertainment industry. We are more like a platform and management protocol provider to enable brands to harness the power of blockchain to better engage with their fans.

The foundation of the NFT economy is strong IP building and fan attachment. While NFT is a low trading frequency digital asset, brand token is a better way to keep the NFT community active by giving benefits and a sense of community, which will contribute to the continuous purchase of NFTs.

Q5: What are the current achievements of VIDYX?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Despite the VIDYX DAPP is still under a development, we have already partnered with some finest IP holders in ESports, gaming, and designer toys as I mentioned.

Some of them have already issued NFTs and secured success. We will be able to issue NFT merchants and brand tokens on their behalf.

Q6: What’s next for VIDYX?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: We are now developing our Brand token and fan governance platform. With the IP licensing rights, VIDYX is also seeking other on-chain distribution partners as well.

As you may know that VIDYX is also migrating to BSC from TRX and we have been selected to join the RARA NFT mining program too. You can farm $RARA with VIDYX-BNB LP token.

Q7: Where can we find out more about VIDYX?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Sure, please join our Telegram group on:

And follow us on Twitter:

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Join the 10000+ community members to stay tuned for updates of VIDYX

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you.

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community, @sherry04405?

Sherry.T@VIDYX: Please do follow our twitter and telegram: for more updates. There will be a big hit coming by the end of this month!

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @sherry04405 

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for VIDYX

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