ViceWrld Staking Pool On SafeSwap Online

Once you’ve learned about staking on the SafeSwap online platform, it’ll be straightforward to earn staking incentives. Like everything else in crypto, staking isn’t as difficult as it appears; once you understand it, it’ll be simple.

As most people know, SafeSwap ™ has been developing its platform to provide the best possible service to its consumers. It has finally finished the construction of a staking platform. If you missed it, here’s a reminder: SafeSwap Online, a new partner of VICEWRLD, has launched staking pools.

Why not generate a passive income while you wait for development? Stake your $VICE tokens to receive $VICE APR. They have partnered with VICE Wrld to launch the VICE token, which you may stake on their platform. Continue reading for more information on VICE staking on the SafeSwap platform.

What Exactly Is ViceWrld?

For the adult industry, VICEWRLD provides an all-in-one platform solution.VICEWRLD blurs the barriers between imagination and reality and is built explicitly for adrenaline seekers, sexual rebels, and freedom warriors. Escape the monotony of everyday life by getting lost in a completely realistic, high-tech city. The 18+ digital playground designed for thrill-seekers is the currency underpinning it all. ViceWrld is the cyberpunk metropolis that will have you coming back for more. Livestreaming, staking pools, kink and LGBTQ creators, casino games, NFTs, and everything in between are available on this 18+ social network. It’s creative, scalable, and hilarious.

About SafeSwap Online

SafeSwap Online, a Binance Smart Chain project, aimed to link businesses and individuals to blockchain technology.

Users can stake tokens or currencies on Safe Swap’s staking platform in return for other tokens or coins. Safe Swap online implements this as a service to consumers and an alternative source of passive income to stake coins on its site for a long time. SafeSwap™ is a decentralized trading platform where users can swap multiple cryptocurrencies. SafeSwap Online is a Smart Contract-based program that links directly to Meta mask, trust wallet, and other third-party wallets.

Collaboration between VICEWRLD and SafeSwap Online

SafeSwap online will help with the VICE Token’s staking process. Starting Friday, November 5th at 14:00 UTC, the VICE Token will be available for stake on SafeSwap. The staking pools are coming along well, and SafeSwap Online has added Vice staking pools to its website.

VICE tokens can be staked on SafeSwap™. SafeSwap online will make the VICE Token staking procedure more accessible.

Progress Of VICE Staking Pools On SafeSwap Online

Users can stake tokens or currencies in exchange for tokens or coins on SafeSwap’s staking platform. With a pool size of 2,000,000 $VICE tokens, the VICE > VICE token pool will run for three months. At the maximum stake weight, each VICE holder can stake a maximum of 50,000 $VICE tokens, equating to 600 participants.

A total of 5,141,479 $VICE tokens have been staked as of November 19th, 2021, with a current APR rate of 155.39 per cent. In addition to the massive APR, investors who stake for the three-month runtime period will receive an exclusive VICE diamond NFT.

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