VICEWRLD Bringing Gender Equality In the Digital World

Dont you think crypto is the new trend this year? but there is not much sexual expression in this digital market.So do you want to add value to your token?VICEWRLD provides you with this possibility by designing specifically for adrenaline seekers, sexual rebels, and freedom warriors. Let explore a little deeper!

VICEWRLD is a cryptocurrency with a strong team and community to make a place for the LGBT community, specifically in the crypto world.VICEWRLD is a great company that is trying to provide equal rights to each sex in the community.

As a one-stop-shop for crypto-related marketing, you don’t need what they can’t provide. Let’s learn more about VICEWRLD, such as what it is, how to get it, and how it is different?

What exactly is VICEWRLD?

VICEWRLD is a Kinkster and LGBTQ community-friendly online digital playground. Providing a sexual nirvana of freedom and expression for both producers and consumers

For 18+ DeFi social networking VICEWRLD is the leading platform. For the adult industry, VICEWRLD provides an all-in-one platform solution.VICEWRLD blurs the barriers between imagination and reality, allowing players to immerse themselves in a completely immersive high-tech metropolis and escape the monotony of everyday life. All of this is based on the token $VICE!

How Are VICEWRLD Different Than Others?

VICEWRLD wants to rework the adult industry; it’s not about creating an exact copy of a suffocated atmosphere and putting it on the blockchain; it’s about making a new and exciting world that gives the creater an opportunity to control  their earnings and a possibility for healthy sexual expression. The exciting  part is that they can do so while directly contributing to charities like @thorn that are addressing those long-standing issues.

They suggest a hybrid in which they aim to make using crypto to pay as simple as possible by embedding software so that customers are unaware they are on a de-fi platform. Their native currency, $VICE, has a real-world application and will be used in thousands of transactions every month, not just for live streaming but also for the NFT marketplace and other creative use cases that will set us apart from the competition.

Team Behind VICEWRLD:

Jordanna Foxx, a veteran of the adult business and a member of the LGBTQ community, launched VICEWRLD.

Jordanna is also known as Vixen Black in the Kinks. Jordanna has obtained unique insights and deeply entrenched connections and faults inside the adult market, having worked in many different parts of the adult sector for the past 20 years throughout Europe. She understands the pain points and aims to strike them.

Jordanna has a degree in business and event management from both Oxford Brookes and Plymouth Universities. Jordanna is supportor of female rights.When it comes to crypto marketing, Mr. Vice is hot stuff, and he’s put together a comprehensive and intelligent marketing campaign to catapult VICE to the forefront of adult De-Fi.

Blockchain B is a conventional marketer and public speaker who emphasizes tangibles and tried-and-true marketing strategies. The unusual combination results in a hybrid style of marketing that is in line with how they envision their project as a whole. Crypto ant, a former ranking expert in the British Army’s Paratrooper regiment, has spent many years in army and that is the secret ingredient.

He is presently employed as a security and risk management professional. Crypto ant will ensure that their platform’s security is top-notch.

VICEWRLD And SafeSwap Online:

SafeSwap Online is a Binance Smart Chain project created to bridge businesses and users onto blockchain technology. SafeSwap online created its staking platform that allows its users to stake tokens or coins to get other tokens or coins. Safe Swap online makes this on its platform to provide it as a service to the users and an alternative source of passive income worldwide for a long time to stake the cryptocurrency.VICEWRLD is the world’s first adult decentralised community.VICEWRLD is the most popular 18+ DeFi social networking site.The native token of VICEWRLD is $VICE.Now SafeSwap Online has launched Vice staking pools on its platform.You can stake VICE token on SafeSwap online.

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