Venus Now Providing Lending Services on BNB Smart Chain

Venus Now Providing Lending Services on BNB Smart Chain

What is Venus (XVS)?

Venus (XVS) operates as a decentralized lending platform and synthetic stablecoin protocol on the BNB Smart Chain, enabling users to lend or borrow assets without seeking permission. Interest rates are automatically set based on demand. Users can also generate synthetic stablecoin (VAI) through over-collateralized positions, bridging traditional financial lending with decentralized protocols.

Initially developed with full support from the Swipe project team, Venus transitioned to complete community control, with XVS token holders proposing governance changes, including oracle upgrades, risk adjustments, and interest rate model modifications.

How did the liquidation event impact Venus?

A major liquidation event in May 2021 caused a $77 million loss due to bad debt. The price of XVS spiked dramatically, leading to excessive borrowing with XVS as collateral. When the price plummeted, loan liquidations were triggered, and the sale of collateral resulted in a net deficit. To address the issue, a new Venus Council was established, replacing the Swipe project team in managing the protocol.

Key Insights for Users

  • Venus combines money market protocols with stablecoin minting, utilizing the same collateral for both functions.
  • Governance is community-driven, with XVS token holders having significant influence over protocol changes.
  • The Venus V2 upgrade introduced penalties for VAI liquidations and fees directed to the Reserve Treasury.

How to Buy Venus (XVS) with TRY?

Investors in Turkey looking to buy Venus (XVS) can use Binance TR, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 100 digital currencies. To purchase XVS with TRY, users must create and verify an account on Binance TR, deposit Turkish Lira, and then proceed to buy XVS. The process includes identity verification and funding the account through various supported Turkish banks.

Binance TR, utilizing Binance’s technology and security, offers seamless fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions. With direct bank integrations, Turkish users can efficiently trade cryptocurrencies with high liquidity and robust security measures provided by Binance Cloud infrastructure.

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