Venus Farms Paused on Beefy and Autofarm- Withdraw Funds


Autofarm and Beefy have announced they are pausing deposits and urging people to withdraw funds on any Venus vaults due to the V2 upgrade causing chaos among yield farmers.

Multiple people are reporting they are losing money on Autofarm due to the fees and even running into trouble withdrawing their funds. Autofarm and Beefy leverage your Venus deposits to maximize APY but this leaves user’s deposits susceptible to the withdrawal fee change implemented in the Venus V2 upgrade.

Beefy.Finance Announcements- “Beefy Venus v1 vaults have reach end of life due to Venus tokens update in 24h. If you have assets in a red vault, you can either wait for a future update which could happen in a week or 2, or migrate to another available vault for this asset. Gas has been optimized for users who wish to withdraw now.

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