VDAO Presale on August 28th on DxSale

Viltron will be holding their VDAO token presale, kickstarting the data-collecting platform’s exposure.

Introducing Viltron

Viltron is a scalable Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that focuses on bringing oracle, storage, and blockchain web services to users. Some of its products include real-time price feeds, a crypto volatility index, up-to-date Decentralized Finance (DeFi) interest rates, and an asset portfolio tracker.

Viltron is committed to making a difference in the Defi industry by providing transparent and accurate data to help the crypto community manage their assets and make investment decisions. Viltron seeks to put the information back into the hands of the user, reducing the influence that blockchain organizations have on the overall market.

Viltron is powered by VDAO, of which 6,000 VDAO is equivalent to 1 BNB. For every deposit of liquidity on the Viltron platform, users receive a corresponding amount of VDAO equal to the amount deposited at the time of exchange.

VDAO will be holding their presale on August 28th on DxSale at 00:00 UTC.

The Viltron Mission

The Viltron protocol relies on the general market model of high liquidity. Supplies are backed by collateral and exchanges of tokens which are represented by VDAO tokens which accrue the interest. The parameters such as interest rate and redistribution are specific.

Viltron is focused on providing a transparent hub for data collection. The team seeks to improve the DeFi ecosystem through their provision of accurate, transparent, and high-speed data metrics to their users.

Key Features

Viltron is capable of retrieving both on-chain and off-chain data. All data is completely encrypted with Enterprise-grade security for full accuracy.

Viltron provides blockchain automations for payment forwarding and alerts, and webook services through their API. Blockchain data provided includes block time and height, with 100% accuracy.

Viltron is a multi-chain platform, compatible with multiple smart contracts on different blockchains. This allows users access to a wide range of data, increasing the effectiveness of the platform.

Viltron Products

Price Feed – Viltron offers a real-time price feed that focuses on maximum accuracy combined with low latency. This can be customized to suit the individual investors’ needs.

Randomness – A transparent randomness beacon that can generate a completely randomized sequence of numbers, which anyone can view to verify. This could be used in random lottery-style drawings or competitions.

DeFi Interest Rates – Viltron provides up-to-date interest, lending, and borrowing rates for individual assets on DeFi protocols. This helps Viltron users to identify the most efficient places to execute their lending and borrowing actions.

Scalable Decentralized Storage – Viltron’s storage provides maximum security encryption for all data memory, including during data transit on the network. 

Crypto Volatility Index – Viltron has an index that tracks crypto asset volatility, with the data being aggregated from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) bid/ask options data. This allows users to monitor the health of individual asset trends to assess their investment security.

Farming and Yield Data – Viltron also aggregates yield rates from farming protocols on BSC, including APY% rates and the amount of liquidity that the pool contains. This feature makes it a streamlined process for Viltron users to determine the most profitable pools to farm yields.


Token Title: VDAO

Max Supply: 20,000,000

Presale Distribution: 50%

Initial Liquidity: 30%

Liquidity Farming: 15%

Team-Locked: 5%

Transaction Rewards: 10% per transaction

Concluding Thoughts

Viltron seeks to offer an advanced hub for data to benefit users. Their oracle and data services are fully transparent and high-speed, ensuring that users can gain the most benefit from the data they’ve received. Because of their advanced multi-chain capabilities, Viltron could become a highly-populated platform with a wide user base. 

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Source : bsc.news

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