Vaults are Live on HyruleSwap!

Vaults are the latest feature added in HyruleSwap. Vaults are a simple and efficient way to farm without additional manual actions. The team at HyruleSwap has provided the following information:


HyruleSwap is a yield gaming platform on the BinanceSmartChain (BSC) that wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. The platform was launched on March 6th, 2021 at 7PM UTC. As you can see, HyruleSwap is inspired by the game series ‘The Legend of Zelda’. The whole team is a big fan of the game and that is why our token is called ‘RUPEE’.

Indeed, during the implementation of our project we realized that many relatively similar alternatives existed, and we had to bring and implement our own ideas. Thus, beyond the classic features like farms or pools, HyruleSwap offers its users to try gambling games, to buy NFTs or even invest their tokens in “Vaults” and to get Golden RUPEEs as a reward.

 Before we get into the core features of HyruleSwap here are some significant data points to account for since the launch:

+800K of MarketCap

+2.2M of TVL

≈17% of total supply burned

Gambling Games

We want to make HyruleSwap a platform where you can come and have fun while earning money. That is why we will add different gambling games from the Zelda universe. Now, you can already try our gambling wheel, inspired by the ‘Lost Party Wheel’ mini game from Skyward Sword. Later, other games will be added to this selection and will offer you different experiences! All the winnings generated by our game are burned, allowing to control the supply of RUPEE.

We are currently thinking and working on a game that would allow you to play alone or in duo anytime.


NFTs are an integral part of our system! Indeed, each NFT has its own rarity and specific statistics. These items will be equipable and will grant multipliers in special farms called dungeons.

In the dungeon section (different from the farms/pools sections) you will be able to stack RUPEEs and earn NFTs depending on the stacked amount. So, instead of buying NFTs you can farm components.

Dungeons are a good way to gather the community around a common goal. Each participant in the event has a power determined by their items, the more powerful the group is, the further they will be able to go and maybe even beat the final boss. At the end of the event participants have a chance to loot item components depending on their power.

You will be able to use those components at the forge to craft items! We are also planning on releasing loot chests, expansions, and a leaderboard! The profile section is coming out very soon as well.

All RUPEEs used to “buy” these NFTs are burned. We do not take any commission. So far, we have managed to burn over 45K RUPEEs (5% of the total supply) with NFTs!


Vaults are the latest feature added in HyruleSwap. Vaults are a simple and efficient way to farm without additional manual actions. You simply deposit your tokens, and the Vaults take care of the rest, automating the compounding process.

We have 2 types of Vaults: RUPEE pairs/pool and other tokens pairs/pools:

– RUPEE pairs/pool will work as RUPEE Maximizer, in other words, RUPEEs earned with stacked LPs or stacked RUPEEs will be directly and automatically restacked into the single asset RUPEE pool (auto-compound in case of an initial stack in the single asset RUPEE pool).

– For other tokens pairs/pools, the earnings will be automatically harvested, half of these earnings will be sold, to constitute a new LP and finally be restacked. This way, you earn more than the initial stake as we go along, and you pay a way less fees than manual compound.

The tokens deposited in the Vaults allow you to farm Golden RUPEE as a reward!

The Golden RUPEE is a new and very rare token that is only available in Vaults. This token will grant exclusive benefits:

A governance token that will allow you to directly participate in future decisions regarding HyruleSwap. The Golden RUPEE will allow you to vote and have your opinion on future choices.

The Golden RUPEE will be a component used in our system of NFTs and dungeons, offering unique rewards to its holders.

You will be able to spend Golden RUPEEs to acquire Golden Chests, which are particularly rare chests that contain legendary and exclusive items and components.

In exchange for Golden RUPEEs you will be able to design your own NFT by going directly to our artist. It will be a unique item that only you will own. Obviously, the statistics of the item will have to remain reasonable in accordance with other items of the same rarity.

As our platform evolves, we will add more features to the Golden RUPEE, especially through some of our future games! The Golden RUPEE is limited to 200K tokens only!

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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