Vapor Token: BLiquids Innovative Passive Yield Token

Vapor is a novel protocol that incorporates aspects of liquidity generation, frictionless yield, automated buybacks, and treasury rewards into one token.

BLiquid Releases Vapor Token

Bliquid is about to release their second token into their ecosystem; the token is named VAPOR [$VAPOR].

The launch will be a “stealth” like launch and will be facilitated through the JetFuel.Finance launchpad. There has already been liquidity provided for the token on PancakeSwap, allowing users to purchase it now. So technically the token has already launched!


The $VAPOR token combines mechanisms from various (recent) crypto projects. It innovates on top of Ethereum based Reflect Finance [$RFI], providing frictionless yield, and IterationSyndicate (Ethereum), which inspired the 2% removal of liquidity to buyback $BLIQ. Finally, $ BLIQs’ auto liquidity generation has been implemented into the token.

Automatic Liquidity? 

Any transaction done with the $VAPOR token will send 2% of that transaction to the contract. When the threshold (currently 5000 $VAPOR) is reached, someone will have to trigger the mechanism, which will then sell half of the $VAPOR and create a PancakeSwap LP token. This LP token is stored in the contract and can never be moved out, which will, over time, generate more liquidity and thus a price floor for the $VAPOR token.

The person that triggers this action gets rewarded with 200 $VAPOR tokens as compensation for the high gas fee transaction.

Passive Yield Farming?

By just holding just the $VAPOR token in your wallet, you will earn extra $VAPOR tokens. That’s because the token has not only a built-in 2% fee for the automatic liquidity, it also has a 1% fee. This fee is redistributed to all $VAPOR holders; there is no need to stake your tokens in a contract, making this way more convenient and less costly (no gas fees).

The higher percentage of $VAPOR tokens you hold vs. the circulating supply, the higher your rewards allocation will be.


Vaporize is the name of the buyback function. When this function is called upon, which can be done by anyone that holds at least 1000 $VAPOR tokens, the contract will sell 2% of the locked liquidity inside the pool and breaks it down in $BNB and $VAPOR.

The contract will then buy $BLIQ tokens with the BNB and lock them inside of the contract (effectively burning them).

95% of the $VAPOR tokens will also be burned, the remaining 5% of $VAPOR tokens will be sent to the person that called the function as an incentive as well as compensation for the gas fee.

As a side effect, the $BLIQ / $BNB pair will see some buying pressure, which will benefit the whole ecosystem.

VAPOR Tokenomics

As stated by the Bliquid team:

Total starting supply: 10,000,000 $VAPOR

Liquidity Treasury (additional rewards for LPs): 5% (Note: These treasury tokens can never be moved or transferred so they are essentially out of circulation. The purpose of this treasury is to generate interest, which will serve as rewards for liquidity providers)

Treasury (for partnerships and growth): 5%

Marketing: 7.5%

Team: 2.5%: (Locked for 4 weeks)

Starting Liquidity: 8,000,000 VAPOR / 250 BNB

Initial Marketcap: $11,000


As you can see, the $VAPOR token is an excellent addition to the Bliquid ecosystem bringing some nifty features. This token creates incentives for new investors and loyal supporters of Bliquid.

Incentives like: Passive yields from holding $VAPOR, Liquidity treasury rewards (Hold $VAPOR/BNB LP and earn more $VAPOR), and the Standard Pancakeswap 0.2% fees are friendly ways to see more profits from your initial investment.

The JetFuell Finance project’s collaboration means a stronger position for both parties as users can earn either $FUEL or $VAPOR tokens, $JETS earning $VAPOR and VAPOR/BNB liquidity accumulating $FUEL.

So better to keep an eye out on the JetFuel site, or you could miss the launch.

All and all, I believe the launch of the $VAPOR token could be very successful, but like always, Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before making a trade.

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