Vanci Finance: A Decentralized and Frictionless Yield Ecosystem

Staking and Yield Farming is the most common dApp on all DeFi blockchains, including HECO, ETH, and BSC chains. Users still experience bits of problems with these platforms; topmost of these problems include Impermanent Loss (IL) for LP staking and gas fees for projects built on Ethereum blockchain. Vanci Finance solves this problem by integrating a system that eases the earning abilities of its users in a no-loss manner.

About Vanci Finance

Vanci Finance adopts RFI mechanics that reward holders of its tokens in a frictionless distribution approach. Users do not have to expose themselves to losses typical in staking platforms and are rewarded passively in project tokens and Binance Coin (BNB).

The typical reward tokens for most RFI based projects are usually the project’s native token. In Vanci Finance, the approach is different. BNB is distributed every three days to holders of the token to encourage holding. 

Key Features

Limited supply NFTs

Democratization of Vanci

BNB rewards

HAWK sentimental analysis tool

Project Components

RFI Mechanics 

Vanci Finance protocol stands out from other DeFi projects adopting the RFI mechanics by including BNB rewards to its holders. The platform is an improved version of the protocol which was created to bestow holders attractive and incredible rewards on the ETH blockchain.

Simply Hold Your Vancii

Vanci Finance has been in a development mode since the latest release of pCAT; the platform code was developed based on the pCAT codes to bring users a new and improved version built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Users will be rewarded with BNB every three days and further rewards for providing liquidity. The longer you hold VANCI tokens, the higher your BNB rewards; the idea is to mitigate selling pressure on the token.


To achieve democratization of the platform, the team has released the Governance tokens that give users the voting rights to decide important platform features and upgrades. The team will prioritize the community voice when considering the platform.


Vanci-G, the governance token, comes with a selling tax of 5%. Half of this 5% is added back to the liquidity pool. The rest go into the maintenance wallet to keep the project sustainable. The token will act as both the Governance token of the platform and utility for the HAWK sentiment tool.

HAWK Sentiment Tool 

This product aims to know trends before the rest of the world. Get to see analytical data showcasing the sentimental value of any upcoming or existing token to help you make better-informed decisions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the tool will find use cases with every DeFi economy participant. Everyone can benefit by simply looking up keywords to understand the community sentiments and the public view of projects.

Subscription to the tool will be either one of two ways; a monthly subscription or a bid for one of 100 limited supply NFTs. The NFTs provide users with a lifetime subscription while also being a valuable and tradeable asset.

Limited Supply NFTs

As mentioned, Vanci will be not only a DeFi based platform but also an NFT platform which will mint a very limited supply of NFTs that do two things;

Give lifetime access to holders to the HAWK sentiment tool

Tradeable tokens can be enormously valuable due to the rarity

New Listing

Vanci-G Token on Bilaxy

The Vanci-G token, Governance token, is already listed on Bilaxy Exchange. Bilaxy is a centralized crypto exchange popular for DeFi tokens. Currently, Vanci-G is trading at $40 per token.

Users should take note of the listed token blockchain; Vanci-G is a BEP20 token. Sending/Buying tokens of a different token standard or contract address will result in the loss of funds for investors.

Planned Partnership

Nord Finance

Strategic partnership with Norse.Finance will be announced by the team according to the recently released Medium post. The team is currently approaching more projects with the community’s help to get more investors that positively contribute to the project.

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