Utilize Your LabRat for a Free Crypto Education

ApeLabs offers unparalleled NFT utility by providing crypto education to crypto and Web3 enthusiasts in the DeFi space.

Free Crypto Education With NFTs 

ApeLabs offers users a unique Non-fungible Token (NFT) with intriguing utility in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The protocol, launched by ApeSwap, gives out certifications and hosts comprehensive lab courses on Web3 and cryptocurrency for holders of its NFTs—LabRats. LabRats is a collection of 696 algorithmically generated rats. 

LabRat ownership is the only way to apply for free crypto education on ApeLabs. They are available for purchase on NFTKey, Collection Capitol, and Tofu at a floor price of 0.5 BNB. The unparalleled utility lets users become part of the 8-weeks intensive education on various crypto-related topics to gain certification. In addition, purchasing a LabRat will provide users with Flex Labs access. Flex Labs are a 1-3 day course on advanced topics ranging from Oracles 101 to launching your own NFT project. Generally, each Flex Lab attracts a $10/hour fee, but with LabRats, users can attend for free, as seen in ApeSwap’s tweet on May 8. 

“Did you know you can use your NFTs to get a free crypto education? Use your LabRat to register for our ApeLab’s Flex Labs, and start learning from the best!” the tweet read. 


Over 15 Flex Labs are available this summer for owners of LabRats NFTs, and they can register through the application portal HERE. The new Flex Labs Season 3 begins with DeFi 101 on Monday, July 11, 2022, at 01:00 UTC. Users would attend Flex Labs classes and earn certification after eight weeks following the registration. Their LabRats NFTs would be sent back to their wallets once the certification is complete. 

BSC News has a 57-minute podcast hosted by Tom Andrews on ApeLab’s crypto education. You can listen to BSC News podcast HERE to learn more about the global platform on BNB Chain. 

How to Apply:

Purchase a LabRat NFT via NFTKey or any other marketplace where the collection is available. 

Register for Flex Labs through the application portal or apply for certification HERE

Source: Apply for certification or Flex Labs classes

Open the Application form and fill in the necessary details.

Source: Open Application form 

Once you have submitted the form, your application will be reviewed. 

ApeLabs will contact you within 48 hours with an acceptance decision. 

Once accepted, Tuition will be paid by sending your LabRat to secure your spot. 

Just like applying for certification, users can also pay for Flex Labs courses. However, LabRat payment must be made first before applying. Furthermore, ApeLabs will not issue any certificate to users who register for Flex Labs, but users can attend as many Labs as they like. 

Flex Labs is exclusive to LabRats owners, and the next 2-hour class begins with DeFi 200 on June 6. Users can also start afresh by joining the new Flex Labs season, which begins with the DeFi 101 course on July 11, as stated earlier. 

ApeLabs has transformed user experience through its educational program. In March, BSC News published two articles covering details about the Assistant Dean of ApeLabs, Zeinzu. The alumnus was on hand to share his experience through the start of his crypto journey, ApeLabs arrival, Application and Onboarding process, post-graduate life, impactful teachers, and more. 

Here are the two informative publications: PART One and PART Two. 

Where to find ApeLabs:

Website | Twitter | YouTube

Source : bsc.news

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