Upcoming Listings: Binance Labs Portfolio Projects Poised for the Biggest Exchange

Upcoming Listings: Binance Labs Portfolio Projects Poised for the Biggest Exchange

A Tweet Sparks Discussion

A tweet from @layerggofficial has sparked discussion around various projects in the Binance Labs portfolio that could potentially get listed on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The tweet highlights that Binance Labs has a higher rate of their portfolio projects getting listed on Binance compared to other major venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Coinbase Ventures.

Projects in Focus

The projects mentioned span sectors like Layer 2 scaling solutions, gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), liquid staking, and more. Getting listed on Binance, one of the largest and most liquid crypto exchanges, is a major milestone for any cryptocurrency project. It provides increased visibility, trading volumes, and access to Binance’s enormous user base.

Highlighted Projects

  • LayerZero: A token launch is expected within the first half of this year for this project focused on cross-chain communication.
  • Xterio: A recently announced Layer 2 blockchain project combining artificial intelligence and gaming. Binance favors projects in the Layer 2 and gaming sectors, increasing Xterio’s chances.
  • dappOS: With additional funding from Polychain Capital and a co-investment from Binance, this project has a higher likelihood (62%) of getting listed.
  • Ultiverse: One of the most talked about candidates for an “NFT to Airdrop” listing. An upcoming $ULTI airdrop and integration with the Binance Web3 Wallet until April 9th could boost its chances.
  • Gomble: Binance participated in Gomble’s latest funding round. An upcoming NFT auction, $G token airdrop to NFT holders, and being part of the Airdrop Alliance Program on BNB Chain increase its potential.
  • Tabi: A new modular, gaming-focused blockchain benefiting from Binance’s interest in gaming and Layer 1 projects. Its growing social presence is also a positive signal.
  • Initia: This Layer 2 blockchain using MoveVM and EVM virtual machines plans an incentivized testnet in April and a mainnet launch in Q2 2023.
  • Puffer/Renzo: Leaders in the liquid re-staking token (LRT) sector, though Etherfi’s $ETHFI is currently the only LRT token listed on Binance.
  • zkPass: An upcoming $ZKP airdrop requiring interactions with Binance accounts could boost its listing chances via the Airdrop Alliance Program.
  • Babylon: Expected to lead the Bitcoin staking sector after its mainnet launch in Q2 2023. Staking Pioneer NFT holders may get exposure to potential airdrops.
  • Sleek: A recently announced Bitcoin Layer 2 scaling solution funded by Binance rather than a competitor like OKX.


The tweet emphasizes that while being backed by Binance Labs is no guarantee, these projects have an elevated chance of getting listed on the leading crypto exchange compared to other VC portfolios.

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