Upcoming BSCPad and ZeroSwap IDO for TradeStars TSX Token

Fantasy Stocks trading game platform, TradeStars has announced its upcoming IDO on BSCPad and ZeroSwap. After the IDO on May 4, 2021, its token $TSX will be available to the public and investors. TradeStars has also opened its White list to interested participants.

Preparing for Tradestar IDO

Since TradeStars aims to list on both BSCPad and ZeroSwap, you will need to follow different steps in order to participate in the IDO. Below are instructions for users looking to join on each platform, starting with BSCPad.


For the BSCPad Sale, participants will have to acquire $BSCPAD tokens and hold enough tokens to meet the criteria for the tier and pool weight they want to achieve. At the end of the sale, participants can claim their $TSX tokens.



For The ZeroSwap Sale, participants have to contribute some $ZEE tokens to the staking module. They would have to claim proof of participation tickets by applying for the IDO. The tickets will be selected in a lottery style and holders will have the chance to buy $TSX and claim the $TSX tokens after the sale concludes

How to Participate in the Whitelisting

Interested investors can participate in the whitelist for the TradeStars IDO on BSCPad by filling a whitelisting form. The whitelist form contains details such as your BEP20 wallet address band Telegram address. Participants are also asked to carry out certain activities such as joining the TradeStars Telegram channel and following TradeStars and BSC Pad on Twitter. Other instructions include writing an original tweet using the hashtags #BSCPAD and #TSX and including a link to the tweet in the whitelist form. Participants should not bother with double or both entries and must complete all requirements as the whitelist will be verified and entries that flaunt the rules will be eliminated. 

Users in certain countries may not be eligible to participate in the IDO if they reside in the following countries: “Belarus, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Libya, New Zealand, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, Yemen and Zimbabwe… At the end of the whitelist, a random draw will select the users that qualified for the IDO. Winners are expected to fill an email with the KYC details, which should be filed within 48 hours. Only those who pass the KYC will participate in the IDO.”

The TradeStars IDO is scheduled to begin on May 4th 2021 and a total of 750,000TSK worth $120,000 will be available through the BSC Pad IDO at the price of $0.16 per TSX Token. To protect its users, TradeStar has warned users to refrain from buying from third party platforms. Users are also notified that no team member of TradeStar will engage them privately over any matter. 

Source : bsc.newswww.bsc.news/post/upcoming-bscpad-and-zeroswap-ido-for-tradestars-tsx-token

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