Upbit Exchange Adds Binance’s 30th Launchpad Project: Impressive Surge in Value for SPACE ID

Upbit Lists SPACE ID (ID)

The cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has officially listed Binance’s launchpad project SPACE ID’s native asset ID in BTC pairing. Notably, the announcement specifies that only deposits made through the Ethereum network will be accepted for ID. Other networks, such as BNB Smart Chain (BSC), will not be supported for deposits.

Following the listing announcement, the price of SPACE ID experienced a significant uptick, rising by over 25% to reach $0.35. Simultaneously, the trading volume of the altcoin witnessed a surge, with a 24-hour trading volume increase of over 500%, totaling $148.19 million. CoinMarketCap data indicates that ID was trading at $0.3227, reflecting a 22.56% increase over the last 24 hours, with some pullback at the time of writing this article.

What is SPACE ID?

With the growing number of Web3 users, decentralized identity has become a crucial aspect of Web3. SPACE ID is a multi-chain blockchain naming service that allows users to register domain names with extensions like .arb, .bnb, and .eth. The platform offers a comprehensive Web3 identity solution, bringing together the functionalities of discovering, registering, trading, and managing Web3 domain names in a single convenient location.

Furthermore, Space ID provides a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers to utilize across different blockchains. The overarching goal of SPACE ID is to unify various Web3 identity solutions, providing a centralized hub for these elements.

Upbit Announces SPACE ID Listing, Price Rises

  • Deposits accepted only via Ethereum network.
  • SPACE ID aims to unify Web3 identity solutions.

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