Unveiling BNB Chain’s Visionary Roadmap: Aiming for Broad Web2 Adoption and AI Integration

Unveiling BNB Chain's Visionary Roadmap: Aiming for Broad Web2 Adoption and AI Integration

DUBAI, UAE, December 12th, 2023, Chainwire

The tech roadmap for BNB Chain’s Greenfield decentralized storage network includes high performance, a simplified development experience and a multichain platform.

Greenfield Performance Goals

Greenfield will improve Storage Provider (SP) performance by 5x.

  • 5x increase in SP upload speed (from 2MB/s to 10MB/s)
  • 5x increase in SP download speed (from 20MB/s to 100MB/s)
  • Enhanced blockchain storage performance to handle high transaction blocks

Simplified Development Experiences

The Greenfield roadmap aims to establish compatibility with popular Web2 and Web3 standards to simplify the development experience.

  • Introduction of rich storage features, including resource tagging, indexing, simple data migration, and object atomic update
  • Implementation of account abstractions with a Paymaster out-of-box mechanism for fee and storage cost payments

Multichain Platform

Greenfield will provide a robust infrastructure for fully on-chain or decentralized apps (dApps) through a multichain platform for cross-chain programmability.

  • Positioned as the foundational Data Availability (DA) layer for opBNB and the broader BNB Smart Chain ecosystem

AI Integration and Future Developments

Greenfield aims to address challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by integrating it with Web3 on BNB Chain.

  • Development of storage strategies for faster data access services
  • Introduction of ‘Greenfield Executable’ for off-chain generic computing
  • Measures to enhance convenience and cost-effectiveness of network governance and stability

Upcoming Developments (Q4 2023 – Q1 2024)

Between Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024, Greenfield will:

  • Enable smart contracts as resource owners for better permission control
  • Improve SP performance for sealing objects and garbage collection
  • Simplify SP exit processes

The BNB Chain Core Development Team said: “We want to invite developers to build on BNB Greenfield and encourage them to look at the wishlist as they will not only have access to the Most Valuable Builder Program (MVB) in collaboration with Binance Labs and CMC Labs but will also be eligible to apply for special grants and mentorship.”

Users can read the full Greenfield Roadmap and wishlist here.

Users can find out how to get started with Greenfield here.

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