Unstoppable Domains Brings Custom Usernames to ETH and Polygon

The domain provider has publicly launched this new feature in the new year after beta testing it since October 2020.

Ethereum & Polygon First Networks to Feature

Unstoppable Domains has come up with a new way to log in to various Web2 and Web3 platforms and applications.

The blockchain-based domain provider has introduced a single sign-on service for the Ethereum and Polygon networks on January 11. Login with Unstoppable is intended to be the next evolution of NFT domains and the foundation for digital identity on Web 3. It aims to replace the need for several usernames and passwords across Web3 applications.

“Web3 needs a better onboarding experience, and this foundational layer for digital identity is fundamental for our customers and partners in achieving this mission,” mentioned Matthew Gould, Founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, in the official blog post about the development. “Login with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era by allowing people to carry a unique username across wallets, apps, services, games, and the metaverse. NFT domains now become a unique internet identifier that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers.”

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Additionally, this solution also allows users to share data, such as email addresses, NFTs, and off-chain information, with the decentralized applications (dApps) they need to use. There are over 58 companies that are currently have integrated with Login with Unstoppable to improve the user experience and assist their users in managing their digital identities more efficiently.

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains was started with the mission to return the power of the internet to people. The company does this by creating NFT domains that enable users to be in absolute control of their data. The blockchain-based domain name provider is backed by several prominent investors like Draper Associates, Coinbase Ventures, Protocol Labs, and Boost VC.

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