Unlocking Your opBNB Genesis NFT: A Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming It

Pre-Requisites to Claim opBNB Genesis NFTs

You’ll need to have completed a list of tasks. These tasks are from opBNB’s “The Odyssey From Testnet to Mainnet” Campaign. Sad to say, this campaign has come to an end as of the time of writing this article. Its validity period was from August 10th 2023 to September 15th 2023. In this campaign, users have to:

  • Complete 3 entry tasks to be eligible to mint the opBNB genesis NFT.
  • Complete extra advanced tasks for additional points.

When the campaign concludes, the top 100 participants will receive additional rewards. These rewards include $BNB tokens to be sent to opBNB addresses. But, that’s not all! Many ecosystem partners are involved in this campaign to provide more rewards to its participants.

If you’ve not dipped your toes into this campaign, it’s a little too late to join. You should move on to hunting the next big NFT drop or airdrop. But if you’re one of the lucky ones (I.E. You’ve done some or all of the above tasks), read on!

Claiming Your opBNB Genesis NFT

Time to click the mint button for a free NFT! To do so, simply head on over to the link here. Click on the huge “Connect Wallet” button right in the middle of your screen. This will connect your wallet to the website. Do note that you’ll need to connect the wallet that you’ve used in the campaign.

Once that’s done, you should see the “Mint” button appear. Otherwise, a message will show which informs you that you aren’t eligible for the mint. Click on the “Mint” button and approve the following transactions. Voila! The NFT should appear in your wallet shortly after!

What Benefits Does the opBNB Genesis NFT Have?

Unlike a majority of other NFTs, the opBNB genesis NFT provides its users with a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Priority access to activities.
  • Partner airdrops.
  • Whitelist slots, and more.

So, if you’re a proud recipient of this NFT, congratulations! You’re recognized as an early participant and contributor to the opBNB project. And of course, with this, you’re eligible for the list of benefits above.


The L2 wars are heating up once again. Today, Coinbase’s Base, Polygon’s zkEVM and opBNB are leading the charge. It’ll be wise to keep an eye out for these projects. Who knows, you could be getting more NFT drops or airdrops too!

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