UFC Continues to Dive Into NFTs, Leveraging CHILIZ to Launch UFC Fan Token on Socios.com

The UFC plans to take advantage of this interest by releasing their own NFT through Chiliz Summary: The world’s largest Mixed Martial Arts fighting tournament, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), plans to launch its own $UFC fan engagement token in cooperation with Chiliz on the Socios.com website.

UFC: Another Sports Giant Embraces NFT Culture

A joint press release from the MMA fighting association UFC and Socios announced plans to release 20 million $UFC tokens in June. The news of the NFT release comes on the heels of the UFC’s partnership with Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot NFTs, and suggests that the UFC is going all out to secure every possible benefit of blockchain technology. $UFC tokens will be created on the Chiliz blockchain and will offer holders access to exclusive content and opportunities including fan voting, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games and competitions. 

A Growing Business

The UFC joins 26 major sports properties which have already partnered with Chiliz to launch their own fan tokens, including soccer luminaries such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan and Manchester City.

The $UFC will become the second mixed martial arts token to launch on Chiliz, following on from the Professional Fighter’s League token, $PFL. With both the $PFL and $UFC on the Chiliz blockchain, Socios has secured the largest chunks of MMA pie all to itself. The Chiliz and Socios.com brand has done remarkably well in signing up major sporting figures to its platform since launch. The biggest contender to its crown is IQONIQ, which has onboarded European soccer elites such as Marseille and Roma, but is still playing catch up to the runaway success of Socios.

Socios: Fan-Based Tokens


The signing of UFC to their brand is another feather in the cap for Socios, who appear to have the momentum currently for sports-based NFTs. The Malta-based company recently announced a $50 million expansion for its US operation, and is set to open an office in New York. On the @SociosFighting channel the announcement of the new $UFC was marked with real confidence as the company released a highly bombastic (and slightly tongue-in-cheek) promotional video.

In a press release Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President, UFC Global Consumer Products said:

“We are continually looking for ways to increase engagement with our fans. UFC has more than 625 million fans around the world, and fan tokens are a unique way to connect with them through a compelling, authentic product that brings them closer to UFC and gives them influence, while also rewarding their passion for the sport.”

Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus went on to add:

“Socios.com and fan tokens will empower UFC to connect with its global following like never before. By giving fans around the world the ability to influence their favorite teams and sports, we are transforming what it means to be a fan. We’re delighted to welcome UFC to our growing roster of fan token partners and we are very excited to continue our expansion in the U.S. and globally, throughout 2021.”

Source : bsc.news

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