U.S. Politicians’ Bitcoin Holdings’ Disclosure—the Novel Way

American politicians’ bitcoin holdings disclosed via a crowdsourced project

Software developer and co-founder, Casa, Jameson Lopp’s newest project announcement is quite intriguing. Officially announced on September 19, 2021, bitcoinpoliticians.org refines Congressional financial disclosures (CFDs) and to record them inside a database. Lopp says the objective here is to inject “more transparency around bitcoin ownership.” Jameson has so far reviewed around 13% of CFDs.

With politicians increasingly owning bitcoin these days. The trendy (promising) decentralized asset (Bitcoin) is witnessing adoption changes, thwarting the earlier bureaucratic criticisms. As cryptocurrency sceptics’ doubts and criticisms are now being increasingly put to rest. Even the lawmakers are beginning to realize the robust technology potential behind Bitcoin. Bureaucrats globally now own leading crypto assets. Congress Members and other U.S. federal leaders are mandated to compulsorily disclose their finances publicly.

The Bitcoin Politicians’ co-founder, Casa Jameson Lopp’s new project records bitcoin ownership of the U.S. bureaucrats. In a tweet, Jameson states:

I’m launching a new project today at bitcoinpoliticians.org.  The goal is to crowdsource the effort required to go through Congressional financial disclosures to create more transparency around bitcoin ownership. I’ve analyzed 13% of the 538 reports – let’s crush the rest!

Lopp states to have the U.S. HouseU.S. Senate, and the U.S. Executive Branch’s “13% of the 538 reports” analyzed. Republican Cynthia Lummis is the only politician to have been marked a “yes” as a Bitcoin holder (approx. $100K – $250K) on the said list.

Source : bsctimes

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