#TwitterNFTs Comes in with a Bang

Well, here we are, folks. Years of speculation and questions surrounding NFT’s best utility case have been answered. The highest and best use for this amazing technology is drumroll verified Twitter Profile pictures.

We’re kidding, but today, millions of Twitter users are logging onto their feeds and seeing a notification about NFT integration onto the platform. The notification broadly defines NFTs and explains how hexagonal profile pictures will depict a “confirmed” NFT owner. The site will confirm ownership of the NFT by allowing users to connect a crypto wallet to the platform. This new confirmed ownership will be the ultimate slap in the face for the “save image as” trolls who have mocked NFT investors for the last couple of years.

Supported by OpenSea.io, users will be able to connect crypto-wallets through different platforms such as the new Coinbase NFT marketplace, Metamask, and other top NFT wallets. This integration marks the first big collaboration between the OpenSea platform and a social media giant. But there is more to this than an ego bump to the Bored Ape YC and CryptoPunk crowds. Users will be able to click on these new profile pictures and learn about the NFT project, community, artist, and more. This may be the fastest and best way to teach the outside world about NFTs and how these projects are contributing to the space.

Well, this is GREAT! What’s the catch?

Introducing Twitter Blue. Launching in June of 2021, Twitter Blue became the platform’s paid subscription-based model. For $2.99/mo, users can have access to bonus features, which now include making your NFT a hexagon for social media clout. In a huge push, Twitter Blue is being exposed to millions of new users for the first time. This may be the site’s best chance at bringing users into their new payment model. Who knows, maybe everyone will be paying for Twitter in the next couple of years. It’s also possible that this payment model rollout was another reason Jack Dorsey (@jack) left Twitter in the first place.

So, what does this mean right now? In short, you’ll start to see more and more hexagon cartoon characters online. As web3 and metaverse become more and more commonplace, you should stop and think if these NFT profile pictures are yet another step in integrating our “digital” lives into our “real” lives. The movie ‘Ready Player One’ seems to get more real and real by the month. While this is a big step for the NFT community, don’t expect this to be the last huge announcement in the coming months. This week’s North American Bitcoin Conference was packed with big-name companies trying to find their way into the NFT market. Hold on people, we’re just getting started.

Source : bsctimes.com

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