Twitter Enables Bitcoin Tipping Feature via Strike

What a Strike!! “It’s what’s happening.”

Twitter’s iOS users can now use the ‘tip with bitcoin’ feature. Yes, connecting third-party apps is now enabled for Twitter’s iOS users, courtesy of the Strike app. To your delight, the function would enable connecting Bitcoin and Lightning Network addresses. Twitter won’t charge any fee for using the new “Tips” feature. If or not the fresh feature would be added to Twitter’s web version is yet to be seen.

By simply visiting the Twitter profile page, clicking the “edit profile” icon and turning on “tips” would allow accessing the tipping feature. Users can press the dollar icon button to send money to accounts via Cash App, GoFundMe, Bandcamp, Patreon, etc.

Twitter, Inc. tweeted the following:

“oh, you also love money? here’s how to send and receive Tips”

Twitter (@Twitter) September 23, 2021

MSN reports Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey owns a “financial stake in Lightning after providing $2.5 million in seed investing in Lightning Labs in 2018.”

About Strike App

“Global payments for the Internet.” Strike app enables money without borders. Building “a more connected financial world.” Strike makes sending and receiving instant and secure borderless payments without added fees possible. Strike lets you buy and sell bitcoin, while you can “skip fees and stack stats.” Strike’s API allows you to enable payments among fans and creators. Strike states on its website that the Strike debit card (“real rewards for the real world”) is next. This debit card would allow you to “take your Strike app shopping anywhere at any time.” Also launching soon is the “get paid in bitcoin” feature that would let you “convert your paycheck to bitcoin with no added fees.”

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