TrustWallet Launches Multi-Session Wallet Connect In Response to iOS DApp Browser Removal

Following the removal of the DApp browser in July, the wallet provider has been seeking a solution which restores functionality while at the same time respectfully complying with Apple’s terms and conditions.

Multi-Session Connect

TrustWallet has launched the multi-session wallet connect, which it believes is ‘a great alternative to our initial DApp browser.’ The project was forced to remove the former browser in July due to a conflict with Apple’s terms and conditions.

As we reported at the time, the activation of DApps within TrustWallet constituted ‘code not embedded in the [app] binary,’ which is a clear breach of Apple terms. Following this, TrustWallet has continued to work on a solution that would suit all parties and respect Apple’s rule book.

“We’d like to express our admiration for Apple and the technology & services they provide and are completely within their rights to enforce the rules of their platform, which of course we fully respect,” said TrustWallet in a recent site announcement.

The new multi-session wallet connect allows users to open and activate their TrustWallet and then close it and still have the app continue to operate in the background. Users can then access DApps through their browsers and connect them to their TrustWallet.

This means that the two applications can interact without violating Apple’s terms and conditions.

The Apple Multi-session Wallet Connect | Source

The Need for Control

While TrustWallet has been at pains to respect and adhere to Apple’s rules, it reveals a greater issue with centralized app stores, which, in effect, act as censors on the types of tools and applications which can be accessed. 

In 2020, Apple rejected 1 million new apps from the Apple App Store. It has also been reported that Apple takes as much as 30% commission from apps in their App Store.

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