Trust Wallet Announced as Partner for Instagram NFTs

Trust Wallet will support Ethereum, Polygon NFTs on Instagram.

Bringing NFTs to the ‘Meta’-verse

Binance-owned crypto wallet platform Trust Wallet has partnered with tech giant Meta to support Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on Instagram.

This development comes shortly after Meta announced it was ready to roll out NFTs in over 100 countries after integrating with Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Labs. Following a pilot phase from May, users can now connect their digital wallets to Instagram to start posting their digital collections. Last month, Meta’s Product Manager Navdeep Singh revealed similar testing is also underway on Facebook.

“We’re so glad you’re helping our communities connect in a whole new way,” the Meta development team said on Twitter

Although Meta’s Metaverse business unit, Reality Labslost $2.8 billion in Q2 2022, after losing nearly $3 billion in the first quarter, Meta is still betting big on the Metaverse. This makes sense because Meta kicked off the Metaverse trend by changing the company name in October 2021.

This partnership should help Trust Wallet open up more opportunities for NFTs and Metaverse integration and attract more Meta users, creating a launching pad for future development of the project.

What Is Trust Wallet:

Trust Wallet is a crypto application and wallet that allows access without registration. It is a decentralized wallet that gives users secure and exclusive control of their funds. Users’ personal information and data are not stored, which forms another layer of protection. The product’s aims are described as being vested in making cryptocurrencies easily accessible on a global scale. 

Trust Wallet allows users easy access to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) like UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and ApeSwap, among a host of others. Users can download the application on iOS, Android, and Google Play and begin using it with relative ease.

Impressively, the application supports major blockchains throughout Decentralized Finance – 33 different blockchains in fact – and offers users the opportunity to store up to 250,000 assets. They have been relentless in their efforts to offer users a safe space to store varied assets.

Where to find Trust Wallet:

Website | Twitter | GitHub | Telegram

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